Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Textile events November and December

November 17- Cambridge Ontario


Cambridge Galleries Design at Riverside
Opening Reception Tuesday November 17, 6:30pm, remarks 7:00pm
Exhibition related lecture by Filiz Klassen on Thursday, November 26, 7:00 pm

November 17, 2009 - January 3, 2010, multi-media exhibition, Design at Riverside
November 17, 2009 - April 11, 2010, exterior mural, Queen’s Square

Curated by Esther E. Shipman

In Snow, Rain, Light, Wind: Weathering Architecture, Filiz Klassen explores how material innovations and exterior textiles in particular, might transform rigid architectural structures into responsive weather laboratories. Imagine an applied material capable of absorbing and using the impact of nature as a means of lessening an individual building’s environmental footprint and creating weather driven kinetic art. By developing unique fibre-based coverings, skins and cladding for buildings, Klassen has revealed the capacity to harness the four elements of Snow, Rain, Light and Wind and document the findings in a methodical, yet creative and intriguing framework.

7 Melville Street S
Cambridge, Ontario

November 18 - Toronto

Fashionably Wrapped: The Influence of Kashmir Shawls
November 18, 2009 to May 30, 2010

Curated by Natalia Nekrassova                        
Join us for the opening reception: Wednesday November 18, 6:30 - 8:00 pm; remarks 6:45 pm

TORONTO – This exhibition traces the origins of the shawl from the noble courts of India, where finely woven pieces were made and worn for several centuries, to the high-fashion market in Europe, where shawls were desired for their unusual beauty and exquisite weaving. With 33 beautiful examples from the Textile Museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition will examine how the shawl became a symbol of femininity in Europe, integrating the romantic exoticism of the 18th century with the Victorian values of innocence and decorum of the mid 19th century. The Kashmir shawl and its European imitations embody a cross cultural phenomenon with roots in India – now identified with today’s fashion trends. To find out more or to see examples of these stunning shawls visit the TMC web site at

Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Avenue
Toronto ON M5G 2H5

 November 26 - Ottawa

Michèle Provost: ABSTRACTS/RÉSUMÉS, Installation detail, 2009,Courtesy of the artist and Dale Smith Gallery, Ottawa. Photo: Michéle Provost

Fibred Optics: Frances Dorsey (Halifax), Jérôme Havre (Montréal), Ed Pien (Toronto), Michèle Provost (Gatineau)

26 November 2009 to 14 February 2010
Art Gallery of Ottawa : Contemporary Galleries

Curated by Andrea Fatona

Ed Pien: Corridor, 2009, Installation, Courtesy of the Artist and Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montreal 

Fibred Optics features four artists whose work incorporates natural and synthetic fibres, old and new technologies, and methodologies from the world of craft and contemporary art. Produced through laborious processes of knotting, stitching, and weaving, the work in this exhibition invites viewers to contemplate the ways in which multi-sensory information can be sutured and layered to produce meaning about the worlds we inhabit. Each artist uses fibre–a three-dimensional, quotidian material–to produce and transmit individual and collective narratives that are at once coherent and fragmented, visible and invisible.

Ottawa Art Gallery
Arts Court, 2 Daly Avenue,
Ottawa, Ontario 
Craft-Based Installations and Free Workshops at City of Craft 2009!

City of Craft 2009
Saturday, December 12: 12pm-7pm
Sunday, December 13: 12pm-5pm
The Theatre Centre - 1087 Queen Street West, Downstairs
$2 Admission

TORONTO, ON – City of Craft is Toronto's largest independently run juried craft sale, featuring craft-based installations, free workshops, and craft-related programming in local businesses and galleries. The calibre and range of proposals received this year was incredible and the proof is in the list of talented artists and crafters participating on December 12 and 13 at The Theatre Centre.

A full-sized crocheted skeleton! A giant piece of interactive macrame! Crafty stop-motion animation! An enormous knit tornado! This is just a taste of the many installations included in the programming for City of Craft 2009.

PinPals Green Hearts on Natural Cross Stitch Earrings

Tornado! is a large-scale natural disaster man-made completely in yarn - with a 19 foot circumference at the top! - by the Caribou Collective. Beginning to Macrame, an interactive soft sculpture comprised of multiple pieces referencing a series of knots used in the making of traditional macramé from Lizz Aston. Holly McClellan’s Garbage Dress Series is a continuation of her studies defining garbage, through examining the relationship between consumerism and waste. Escapes by Jen Spinner and Laurie McGregor consists of mini, structural models tucked in corners of The Theatre Centre and larger-than-life, layered, hand-cut, paper silhouettes.

Experiment with Craft Lab technicians and make your own holiday gifts in wonderfully creative workshops offered by local artists and studios. Learn to make jointed, illustrated paper puppets with PinPals and participate in live plaster casting of attendees’ noses with Day Milman.   Silkscreening workshops will be offered daily with Sketch and fabric-based craft will be offered by the workroom.

Between vendors, installation operators, workshop leaders, and neighbourhood partners, over 70 organizations, businesses and artists are participating in City of Craft 2009.  Stay tuned to the City of Craft website for complete installation and workshop listings including photos, bios, web links and more.

For more information on City of Craft 2009, please visit our website at: http://cityofcraft.com/

ABOUT CITY OF CRAFT - The Collective
We are an alliance of community arts organizers who came together around a shared love of craft in general, and the Toronto craft scene in particular. The City of Craft Collective aims to build community in the Toronto craftscape by supporting independent craft businesses and inspiring the larger community to become involved with crafty happenings in the city. We do so by organizing a platform of crafty events of all scope and sizes, including material swaps, film screenings, craft-related discussions, small trunk shows, and our flagship City of Craft event


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