Friday, November 27, 2009

Highlights from the 2009 One of A Kind Christmas Show in Toronto

This year the One Of A Kind Show Christmas 2009 got off to a running start. Artist, Designers of fashion, jewelry and decor accessories have come from across Canada to present their wears at the 35th year annual Christmas sale. This year see returning favourites like weaver Lucille Crighton in Booth: G-04 who has been a presence since the very beginning and new "Rising Star" Cristina Larsen /Textile Platypus an Argentina weaver now living in Toronto in Booth: H-49. These two weavers are joined by: Line Dufour/Tapestry in Booth: Y-07, Lesley Armstrong from Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Booth: O-24, Elsa Brigden Elliott Silo Weavers, from St Jacob's Ontario Booth: F-08, Marie-Claude Trempe & Evelyne Gélinas form Quebec Booth: R-21, and Rilla Marshall from Halifax Nova Scotia in Booth T-21.

Spun fibre, crocheted, knitted and woven, from Newfoundland is spread though out the show. Shawn O'Hagan /Island Sweet Fibre Arts Newfoundland from Cornerbrook is in Booth: A-51and will be giving a Drop Spindle Spinning workshop on Monday November 30 which is already sold Out. NONIA, Booth: P-20, Duration: 5 Days
NONIA consists of a cottage industry of Newfoundland hand-knitters many of whom have been knitting for NONIA for over 50 years. NONIA is an acronym for the Newfoundland Outport Nursing and Industrial Association. Brenda Stratton also from Cornerbrook is in Booth S - 39

This year there is an over all "sure to sell" bland safeness to most of the offerings. Oddly "in these economic times" most people where making record sales in record time. It was a frenzied first day. After saying "Bland Safeness" I have to mention that in terms of complete anarchical madness with glance at fashion history Sandra Iannuccilli
Gypsy Circus from Montreal in Booth: O-52 is a Mid evil Gypsy Circus meets cutting edge re-purposing collaged clothing with a delightful fairies at the bottom of the garden whimsy it is dress up for grown up girls, Dress up for adult males is near by in Booth P - 50 Georgie Lambert Retro G Couture again re-purposing is the name of the game. New Romantic meets the White Rabbit from the other side of the looking glass. Corseted Med Evils Babes and Edwardian fops (male or female) will be more then impressed and want to dress in Top Hats and new styled tail coats or dawn a cape with hood and run for the fun of running in any of the imaginative reinventions from either of these Absurdist Designers.

Gypsy Circus Booth: O-52

  Retro G Couture Booth P - 50
to see more photos from opening day at the One of A Kind go to fibreQUARTELY group(ies) on facebook. follow link on sidebar panel


The Artisans 

Rilla Marshall /Marshall Arts, Booth: T-21

Fresh from the opening of her solo exhibition "Home Terrain" at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery in Charlottetown PEI. Weaver Rilla Marshall from Halifax is poised for successes.

Annie Thompson booth X- 05 " Little Black Dress " in this years Hall of Fame display

the Accordion Hat by Karen Gingras / Lilliput Hats, Booth O -05

 fashion Designer Annie Thompson, Milliner Karen Gingras and Weaver Lucille Creighton  are all members of the One Of A Kind Hall Of Fame which grows yearly. Fibre at the show exist and is presented through a range of categories,.

Keri Rounding in Booth Y-33 is found under Jewelry

 Judy Black in Booth Q-58 is a company that does screen printing on garments, fashion and decor accessories. You can read about Judy Black in VIVA LA Screenprint !!! in Volume 5 Issue 2 of fibreQUARTERLY.

Jenna Greenbreg from Hamilton Ontario is another printer working on decor accessories. She has a line of hats made from her printed textiles "jenna rose"  in Booth N-14

The majority of these artist/ artisan crafts people have websites, sell on ESTY and show in large and small events across the country. This time of year is an important time for making a living  with their work. Consider "one of a kind" or perhaps even "the slow movement" along with the greening of your life the next time you are at Home Scene or Winners. Shop Local, Shop Often. If you are also an artist and wonder why nobody buys your art ask yourself when was the last time you bought something from some one else.

go to the One of Kind this week, City of Craft in the middle of December, buy art and support your own life style.

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