Monday, November 02, 2009

International Calls for submission.

Nebraska Digital Weaving Exhibition
A proposal for an exhibition of weavings that engage digital technology in some aspect of making or presentation is being developed. A more focused theme has not been determined, but may evolve as submissions are reviewed.
If you would like to have work(s) considered for inclusion, please send 2 to 4 digital images (72-150dpi jpegs sized between 640x480 and 1024x768 pixels) by the deadline of February 25 2010. Email to Janice Lessman-Moss at

The proposed exhibition is scheduled for a month in the fall of 2010 to coincide with the Textile Society of America's 12th Biennial Symposium at the University of Nebraska.

VALCELLINA AWARD 2009 . Seventh edition

Textile art or fibre art is a particular form of contemporary art which takes form through the use of fibres processed with traditional and contemporary techniques and everything that refers to "textile".
Le Arti Tessili Association is holding the usual international competition for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge and interest towards textile contemporary art among young people coming from different parts of the world, and encouraging new talents.
Deadline 31.11.2009
The competition is open to all young people who were born from 1 January 1974.
This edition requests that the submitted works follow this subject:
The following prizes will be awarded: 1° 2,000 € net value /
2° 1,500 € net value
/ 3° 1,000 € net value

For information on all the collateral events referring to 2009
Valcellina Award, please visit:
more info are reachable on our website and please see in attach the application form (italian/english)

if you are born when ever

The International Biennial Symposium and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia" marked in June 2004 its Fifth anniversary. It is the only one prestigious international textile symposium and exhibition in Ukraine on European level, which includes artists, educational, fashion and cultural heritage groups and educational and professional (The Black Sea Workshop) workshops.

This event is biennial. It is Ludmila Egorova's and Andrew Schneider's private initiative and it does not depend upon any state cultural institutions. It is the first in Ukraine privately organized international art event, which is free from any kind of pressure.

The 8th International Biennial Symposium and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia 8"
Traditional and Contemporary
June  22-26, 2010

1.     International juried exhibition.
Open to all techniques and textile materials, format is limited to size 3x3x3 meters. Full spectrum of fibre arts. Criteria for selection: unique design, combination of traditional (old) and contemporary (new), originality and quality of works. Works must have been completed within last 4 years. Awards.
Deadline for applications: February 1, 2010.
2.     International conference on textile art.
The papers will include all aspects of textile art.
3.     Art to wear show
Original works, cross-cultural, traditional and non-traditional materials are welcome.
4.  Workshops.
Original proposals are welcome.
Deadline for all applications:  February 1, 2010.

For information and entry forms:

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