Friday, September 17, 2010

My Facebook Photo Diary

Fabric pattern "Genevieve" this piece of cloth is a reissue of a design by  Genevieve Prou in 1938. It is from the Pierre Frey Paris, Textile and Home decor company [photo by Joe lewis, taken during a darken Slide presentation by Patrick Frey at the Textile Museum of Canada]
The evening of Thursday September 16th was a night of French Textile Design History and cutting edge contemporary Canadian Fashion Design in downtown Toronto. Starting of at the Textile Museum of Canada where the Martingrove Collegiate Institute  student exhibition "Fabricating Fear" in Fibre Space as been replaced with exhibition of Tie Dye  by students from the Claude Watson School of the Arts.

Tie dye by a student named Carol from the Claude Weston School of the Arts [photo by joe Lewis]
I was at the Textile Museum to see  Primavera Interior Furnishings presenting  Patrick Frey of Pierre Frey Paris a French Interior Decor and TexTile Design company. billed as "the design event of the season" it was the story of a family business and a history of textile production in France from the time of Louie XIV "the Sun King" .

On the left is a piece of printed textile from the archive which holds over 30,000 "documents" on the right a new yardage based on the historic design. photo by Joe lewis, taken during a darken Slide presentation by Patrick Frey at the Textile Museum of Canada]
The impressive thing that emerged from this presentation was the methods in which they work with freelance designers accessing the archive to create new designs as well as adding to the archive by ... but that is a larger story for another occasion. They need to congratulated on saving a large portion of historic French textiles which are being catalogued by Sophie Rouart. On their Blog which began in June 2005 there is a good mix of event orientated "reportage" along with pieces on different textiles in the archive. Freyquence, the Pierre Frey Blogspot

Diego Marin of Primavera  and Lynda Reeves (who is an Honorary Trustee of the Textile Museum of Canada needs no introduction to fans of Canadian House and Garden Television, etc etc. ) pictured here with Patrick Frey to her left and his son Pierre Frey to her right.[ photo by Joe Lewis ]
 Please note that Sophie Rouart book " Toile De Jouy" from publishers Citadelle & Mazenod (in French) and the English version "Toile De Jouy: Printed Textiles in the Classic French Style" from Thames & Hudson with text by Melanie Riffel, and Sophie Rouart and photographs by Marc Walter would be a good addition to your library.

If you have seen Sofia Coppal's Marie Antoinette you have see the textiles of Pierre Frey Paris in action

After the Textile Museum i headed over to Queen Street East for a runway presentation of new fashion by Annie Thompson at Rouge Concept Gallery, 732 Queen Street East, Toronto

This is a close up of the spine on the back of the dress fashion designer Annie Thompson wore at her fashion show at rouge Concept Gallery 
 for more images visit this facebook album
Textiles on a Thursday in mid September Toronto 


the KnitCambridge exhibit on the Main Street Bridge took place Saturday at 3 p.m. The exhibit will remain until Sept 27

On Saturday, September 11th 2010 in Cambridge Ontario they celebrated contemporary Canadian textile art by opening a unique art installation by Cambridge Centre for the Arts 2010 Artist-in-Residence Sue Sturdy; along with two textile based exhibitions organized by Cambridge Galleries: Fibreworks 2010 at Queen's Square and FABRICation! 

Cambridge Centre for the Arts 2010 Artist-in-Residence Sue Sturdy
Yvonne Wakabayashi, Pina fibre seaforms (set of 2) on exhibit in fibreworks 2010 at Queen's Square Gallery in Cambridge
Laura Friedland Design and Moose Mountain Company from Vancouver, British Columbia. is part of FABRICation: Studio Production Textiles for Interiors, August 24 - October 24, 2010, Cambridge Galleries Design at Riverside.[photo by Joe lewis]
 Fibreworks | FABRICcation | Knit camBRIDGE expect the unexpected Album from the weekend of September 11-12 2010

Well that has been the last seven days in my life, what will the next week bring?


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