Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lois Schklar: Thirty Years of Dolls .. Can you help with this Retrospective


I am trying to find dolls from owners whose names I do not have or do not know. You may have bought my work through The Apple Doll, Prime Gallery, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition or other venues in and around Toronto or elsewhere. Or you may know someone who owns one or more of my dolls.
I am particularly interested in finding the dolls in the picture above or similar types. It would be helpful for me if you could photograph the work(s) you have and send via email. Even if you are unable to or do not want to loan the work I would like to know where the dolls are. I need to have the information by November 1, 2010.
The exhibition, Lois Schklar: Thirty Years of Dolls, will trace the journey of my doll making through the display of 30-40 dolls, early work from 1979-1986 and mid career work from 1991-2003. Half of the work in the exhibition gallery will be on loan from collectors and the rest from my own inventory. The exhibition will be in March 2011.
I need to have the dolls for the exhibition by November 14, 2010.

Thank you for your support in this project.

submitted from Akimbo and Lois Schklar

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