Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rebecca Hossack Gallery from London brings Textiles and the son of textile artist to the fair.

Textile and fibre work was simply missing from Art Toronto 2009, with the exception of the Rebecca Hossack Gallery from London England and they had less then previous years. I was reminded that last years event took place just as the US market was tanking and investment disasters where taking place hourly or so it seemed. Then Gallery Director: James Green and I spoke about the concept of safe art.

Inside the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery London England Booth at the TIAF Oct 4-6 2008 featuring; Peter Clark's college work, David Bromley's embroidered paintings.Last year there was a subtlety shocking crocheted pack of cigarettes and dazzling beaded Sardine Tin complete with sardines done in beads and sequence done by artist designer Kate Jenkins . This work has whimsy and delight, it is colourful and just the top of the ice burg of a dazzling number of thematic embellished crocheted and knitted work. It is just too much fun. This year Kate Jenkins was on display again.

This year its Champaign and Caviar  to remind us of the "High Life" last year it was sardines, cigarettes and a blue plate special.

Ross Bonfanti's mixed media  [petrified and thread bare] teddy bears sitting on David Bromley's Boxes [Printed Linen Mounted on Board] hearken back to childhood. better times (supposedly)

Wearing my Donya Coward "fox" pin I am pointing to the work of Canadian artist Balint Zsako who along with his family: Anna Torma,[textiles] Istvan Zsako [sculpture], David Zsako [drawer]exhibited in the London  Gallery last year.

 Donya Coward, Fox, woodland collection brooch 2007,
Opening Day of Art Toronto 2009 [ the new name for TIAF] the press were welcomed and unleashed  at  10:30 in the morning. Therefore the images of unpacking, then I was off to the LG Fashion Week tent for the North American debut  runway show of some designers i won't name. the textile embellishments were amazing unfortunately the clothes were not. Then it was back to the Toronto Convention Centre (north) for the Art Toronto 2009 opening night party. 

I have taken up the habit of photographing interesting apparel worn at the events I attend, opening nights in Toronto (and elsewhere) was awash in BLACK and Black and white. With the large number of Quebec galleries at the show I had hoped to get some good style. While hanging out in the Rebbecca Hossack booth i did encounter an embroider jacket 

unknown jacket on young Montrealer at the opening night, if you recognize this jacket...

You can read what I wrote about this gallery last year 


else where at the fair

Martin Rondeau, Woven Photographs, Le Roy Gallerei, Montreal Booth 213

Lois Andison, Camouflage 1, 1998, Queen Anne's Lace, dressmaker's form, latex, thread, metal armature, custom electronics, dimensions variable, Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, booth 524

Jacques Bilodeau,  A Burrowing, IV, wool felt, wenches, chains Joyce Yahouda Gallery, Montreal, Booth 1008

"Suspended from the ceiling, this 'soft" architecture of monumental format is activated my motorized winches. Lifting and stretching the felt pockets, the mechanics allow instant modifications to the works form. The user is invited in."

 And you are welcome into Art Toronto 2009 for the price of admission. Overhearing comments as one does I heard some saying how thrilling it was to see so much avant guard work this year. Another was about how conservative it all was. All I can say for sure is that near or part of the "NEXT" section there is a bubble wrap installation for you to walk and pop to your heart's content.

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