Friday, November 23, 2007

One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale

One of a Kind Show and TTC, frustration and Bliss

: if you plan to use the TTC to get to the One of a Kind Show at the Direct Energy Centre on the CNE Grounds be prepared for confusion and delay. There is construction on Fleet Street between Bathurst and Strachan Ave and because of that the street cars from both Bathurst and Union Stations short turn and you will have to transfer to a shuttle bus on Queens Quay.

so be aware that you will be standing in the wet and cold in an inconvenient spot 10 minutes from your destination.

end of warning

But don't let that deter you; this is perhaps the best One of a Kind Show in years the quality of work has jumped noticeably from last year's Christmas Show.

Tableaux et pièces sur mesure ;Terre Plein booth 51

There has been an invasion of Québécois artisans; some have been before others are new. Emile Desmeules from Montreal in Booth O 52 is showing appliquéd and free motion embroidered clothing, that funky, exotic and fun. She also has a line of felt, blankets, pillows and garments that are richly coloured lush in feel and appearance. Emile was featured in the fall issue of fibreQUARTERLY "Quebec SEEN" which is on line now or check out her website at

"party dress with pears" by Emile Desmeules booth O 52

Adora Textiles cushion: direct application( painting), and silk Screen printing on silk

Pascale Faubert. Adora Textiles ( booth Q 24) from Chateauguay brings her dyed and printed lampshades and other home accessories, using Batik, hand painting and printing on silks cottons and linens her work is sprinkled with organic shapes and brilliant colour. She has recently moved from Home Accessories to furniture pieces remember to ask to see her book

Pascale Fauber; Ellipse shape suspension lamp using batik and direct application , on silk and Hemp fabric

"Terre_Plein is, first of all, a desire to combine the visual arts and artisan skills. A space of reflection and of creation feeding from external activity and bubling humanity. Terre_Plein is the emergence of the image through the fibre of textile. A visual testimony, an impression, an everyday happiness. To wear Terre_Plein is to wear unpublished work, the unique and original creation. The pleasure of hand crafted work. Of the worn artifact."

Soies. Peintes et sérigraphiées. 42,00$.

Marie Eve Gauthier is Terre_ Plein (booth P51) they are from Montreal the work is available in boutiques in Montreal, Ottawa, and Collingwood. If you miss them at the One of a Kind check out there website : Terre_Plein

Tout ou rien, Soyez JAUNE ! T-Shirt 100% Lyocell, feutré. Unique. Écharpe en soie. Imprimée et peinte à la main.

An other part of the Québécois invasion is France Arsenault, Folilaine, from Irlande, Ouebec in Booth: Y-25. having started my tour of the show from the last row Y i was intrigued by these boiled/ felted knit scarves with puckers of unfelted material. looking very "Japanese Contemporary" in design these short neck wrappers are extremely interesting in appearance soft to the touch . There are no images of these cool, very cool scarves ready at hand. She is show a number of styles of scarves, gauntlets, mitts, and other "wearables" She has a blog which isn't up to date, but does have a number of images and links to interesting textile recycling artisan sites:

check out Folilaine

This is just the tip of the iceberg of designers and artisans working in fibre and textiles from Quebec that are at the One of a Kind and there are many more interesting textile and fibre based work from across the country. Printers and felters are numerous. Many new artisans are opting to work with recycled materials rather then new and are producing a wide range of objects.

detail of child's outfit by Roisin Fagan Booth R8

before I shut this down for the night, i just wanted to say "Baby Clothes" lots of them and well, they range from things grandma would buy and or make to embroidered recycled plastic pop bottles (aks fleece, something i personally can't stand next to my skin) But if you are in the market for baby outfits go to "Bespoke Uprising" booth R8 and find silk screened hand made well constructed toddler size clothing by Roisin Fagan from Halifax. A recent graduate of NSCAD her imagery is fun and funky her colour is earthy and almost florescent
at the same time. I believe this is the beginning of an interesting career and a nice shot in the arm for kids clothing.

This is just the first day of this 11 day event that starts the Christmas Season, get down to the Direct Energy Centre and look shop and remember to get yourself some Ginger Butter Toffee from Sweet Truth Canadian Gourmet Candy Co. in Booth: D-48 ( i think if not there it is close at hand)

For a survey look at the types of art work being done in Quebec by Textile artist you should read the current issue of fibreQUARTERLY "Quebec SEEN" volume 3 Issue 3

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m said...

Instead of going down Bathurst, take the TTC streetcar along King St. West to Strachen ave. Walk South two blocks to the Direct Energy Center. Much easier and quicker. Plus, no cold wind!

I really like what I've seen at One of a Kind Christmas Show this year. It's big, so take the rows one at a time and don't miss anything. There is some very beautiful art and clothing, but if I had to pick a highlight it would be this fantastic wall of pillows somewhere along Row X by an artist named Valerie Page from it's an absolute must see!