Thursday, November 22, 2007

December In Toronto

Image: Rug (detail), Tunisia, mid 20th century, from the Opekar/Webster Collection

Do yourself a major favour and drop by the Textile Museum of Canada at 55 Centre Street in
Toronto now and as often as possible over the next few months. Last night one of the most beautiful exhibitions of historic textiles i have ever seen opened. Between the Sea and the Desert: The Many Cultures of North Africa which runs from November 21, 2007 - April, 2008 is curator Natalia Nekrassova most impressive show to date and that is saying a lot.

With this basic description of the exhibition " Woolen rugs and blankets made by Berber populations represent an artistic tradition that remained unchanged for centuries, as the fiercely independent cultural groups settled deep into the mountains where they retained their ancient way of life. Embroideries and silk textiles produced mainly in the cities to the north by a population of different ethnic origin will characterize the area's involvement in the cultural life of the Mediterranean and Middle East through seafaring trade and extensive desert caravan routes" hardly touches the surface.

you must make time to see this work, I will be writing more about it in the near future.

and since you will be out and about during this "Christmas" season no doubt you will be heading down to the One of Kind Show (Novembers 22- December 4) some time in the next few weeks. I might suggest dropping by these booths and checking out a variety of fashion and home accessories as well as art. over the past few years there have been a growing number of silk screen printers whose work is both amusing and reasonably decorative to work with a number of "styles" Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou Design from Toronto, will be in Booth: S-7, Jenna Greenberg of Jenna Rose from Guelph, will be in Booth: A-52, and Jennifer Neill & Valerie Neill, of Judy Black, from Newmarket, ON will be in Booth: Q-36. All three of these design companies will be there for the duration of the show

I will be heading of to the On of A Kind in a few hours and tell you more later this week, and if the One of a Kind is too much and too many people to deal with you might think about dropping by the FROST Show & Sale Saturday, November24, 2007, 10am-6pm at 51 Bertmount Avenue. You can check out the blog for photos and directions:

Koyuki; Meredith Wilson

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