Sunday, March 02, 2014

changing gears, new ways to share, different delivery platforms This is a test

Gateway Ribbons of Galla Placidia, 1996 collection of Artist
Quilts by John Willard: A forty Year Retrospective Feb 15th - Mar 30th, 2014 Burlington Arts Centre, 
Curator: Denis Longchamps
Well lets just start with facebook's way of embedding photo albums into different non facebook delivery systems and since it is a new year I will start by sharing the January and February Textiles Sightings Albums I posted on face book.

fQ January 2014 Textile Sightings.

Post by fibreQUARTERLY Canada on-line Textile and Fibre Arts and Crafts magazine.

while not knowing what this will look like i also have the option through e Blogger to format for a number of different cell phones so I will try that out, but it will be up to you to tell me what it looks like on your phone, since I don't have one. 

"Northern Spring"  joe lewis 2001 layered organza over stitched

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