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Naked COPTIC Dancers and other textile exhibtions in Canada 2013

scrap of coptic textile from Dirk Holger collection
"Naked COPTIC Dancers", "Inner Vision: Maximo Laura", at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario, New Art of the Loom: Galerie Montcalm, and Homage to Micheline Beauchemin:Espace Pierre-Debain, Gatineau, Quebec and Matrices :Triennial Internationale des Arts Textiles in Outaouais, Quebec.

Taking a quick glance at what is going up in museums and galleries across Canada I have noticed that if you live in the National Capital Region [Ottawa / Hull area] textile exhibitions are thick on the ground. Curator: Thoma Ewen of the Moon Rain, the Centre for textile arts in the Outaouais has been working hard over the past few years to bring world class Tapestry and textile work in the area by organizing the Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles in Outaouais and bringing international touring shows into galleries in Gatineau on the Quebec side of the Capital Region. With this years programming at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte Ontario has in many ways come into its own presenting both historical and contemporary textile work along side the regions industrial textile history.

Rosamond Mill Advertisement from museum website 

With En arvil opening on March 28th and this years edition of Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf 2013 later this year the province of Quebec continuous its distinct love affair with textile arts.You can find more information below and visit the websites and their facebook pages

Cross country Check Up

below is a partial list of exhibitions opening in some provinces across Canada

British Columbia

Image borrowed from Capilano University Textile Arts facebook page.

Capilano University Textile Arts Grad Show 2013
Thursday, May 16, 2013 to Friday, June 7, 2013
Cityscape Gallery
335 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver, BC, V7M 2G3

Quilt BC 2013 logo from CQA/ACC website

CQA/ACC Quilt BC 2013 conference
May 16-18,
Picton BC 

For more information visit website;

Maiwa Symposium 2013

Miawa Loft 
1666 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Maiwa East 1310  Odlum Drive

 Registration Opens June 24 at 10am
Look for listings on the Maiwa Blog in April.

INVOKING VENUS, Feathers and Fashion
February 7 - May 5, 2013
Beaty Biodiversity Museum [natural history museum]
2212 Main Mall

FAUNA IN FASHION, the Exploitation of Animals for Beauty
Saturday, April 13, 2013, 2:00 p.m. (with Ivan Sayers)

HATCHED, MATCHED AND DISPATCHED, the Clothing Rituals of Birth, Marriage and Death
Saturday, May 4, 2013, 2:00 p.m. (with Ivan Sayers)

visit website for more information

The information about this exhibition was found on the website for  the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild [est 1935]  where you can find information on more up and coming Textile events in Vancouver

10,000 Hrs: Vancouver Regional Exhibition
Presented by the CCBC as part of its 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
April 15th - May 1st, 2013
Burnaby, BC

for more information;

Outside the Box
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

see website for details


You can see images from some of the exhibitions in Alberta [Calgary, Emonton] and Ontario in
Textile Sightings March-April 2013 facebook Album

I have been in Calgary  for the month of March where I have seen some exhibitions and some very exciting things starting with attending a talk at the Art Gallery of Calgary which allowed me to see a truly astounding exhibition.
Close up detail of one of the Collaborative Quilting projects

I went to this talk at the Art Gallery of Calgary: Collaborative Quilting on March 7, 2013 6pm
Linda Hawke and Cat Schick, artists and organizers of a collaborative quilting workshop, will exhibit and share insights about their initiative to explore a range of women’s perspectives on sleep and dreams, and support healing through art. Their presentation includes photos, stories and the quilts themselves, made by women participating in this 10-week residency at the Women’s Centre of Calgary.
Full view of above quilt. photo taken by permission 

Maimuna Feroze-Nana vale/cage “no” photo taken with permission at Art Gallery of Calgary
Off the Beaten Path: Violence Woman and Art  the exhibition that was on at the Art Gallery of Calgary when I went to the Collaborative Quilting talk came as such a surprise and the fact that i was lucky enough to see it a few days before it closes was just serendipitous. the above piece is by Maimuna Feroze-Nana entitled  “no”  this vale and the 14 sketches that go with it while looking like notes/ designs for a wedding vale are defiantly not. definitely not, that is just  one of the works by the 35 woman in a show curated by Randy Jayne Rosenburg for “Art Works that Change”  The exhibition is on tour and will be back in Canada in Winnipeg if Feb 2014. (schedule on website says Capetown South Africa is its next stop, I was told Madrid)

You can read more about what I saw in Calgary and Edmonton in my next post

Hanging By a Thread
July 6 September 28
Alberta Craft Council
10186-106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

An exhibition using Textiles to explore the relationships among multiple generations of women. Participating Artists: Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas, Emily Ella Rigaux, Monika Salkauskas, Lynda Strakowski, Pat Strakowski, Barbara J. West, Robin West



Ixchel Suarez with one of her tapestry pieces at the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville during  World of Threads Festival, Common Thread International Exhibition, De rerum natura (On the nature of Things) curator Gareth Bate; Photo from fb album November 2012 Textile Sightings Part Two
Marotta and Suarez: Form and Shape
Apr 20th - Jun 2nd, 2013
Lee-Chin Family Gallery, Burlington Art Centre
1333 Lakeshore Road 
Burlington, Ontario

The exhibition presents recent works by Laura Marotta and Ixchel Suarez. It is curated by George Wale Both artists have distinctive practices, operating within the discipline of contemporary textiles.

Marotta constructs wooden three dimensional objects which are based on elements and principles of the waffle weave. These sculptures were engaging and exciting; they are connected to weaving conceptually, but definitely don’t look like textiles. Ixchel Suarez creates large format, visually arresting tapestries. She employs traditional tapestry techniques with an inquisitive contemporary artist’s design sensibility.

These are two art practices which explore the world around us. The contemporary textiles link is at best a slender thread. Common concerns are the repetition of form with structural and mathematical inner sources underlying their design -  manifestations of thinking about materials and life.

Kitchener Waterloo

Quilt & Fibre Art Festival Waterloo Region & Beyond
Tuesday May 21 to Saturday May 25, 2013

With the participation of :THE GRAND GUILD OF FIBRE ARTISTS,CANADIAN EMBROIDERERS GUILD GUELPH, GROUP OF EIGHT FIBRE ARTISTS GUILD, "X Blocks"  TRUNK SHOW Guest Artist: Diane Carson, Cambridge Quilt Show, Fergus Quilt Show as well as the THE GRAND NATIONAL QUILT SHOW 2013 and NEW HAMBURG MENNONITE RELIEF SALE & QUILT AUCTION. south central Ontario is the place to be in May

see website for details ;


Textile Museum

Mar 27, 2013 - Jun 9, 2013
Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Avenue (Dundas St. W & University Ave., St. Patrick subway)
Toronto, Ontario
Curated by Natalia Nekrassova and Sarah Quinton

For centuries, the light and lustre of materials have captivated cultures and societies, artisans and artists, attributing to even simple objects an allure of beauty, luxury and opulence. Throughout the world, reflective metals, mirrors, silver- and gold-wrapped thread, sequins, beads and even insect wings have been skillfully transformed to create some of the most mystifying and coveted cultural and personal expressions.

Shine spans 200 years of extraordinary human ingenuity – handmade objects that are both celebratory and commonplace, excessive and unassuming. The exhibition features an array of exquisite traditional garments and accessories from the Museum’s permanent collections integrated with the work of contemporary artists, creating timely conversations that engage complex and sometimes conflicting ideals of desire, status, wealth and beauty.
detail of Kimono, Japan, 20th century. T96.0120

Ancestry and Artistry: Maya textiles from Guatemala

Blouse, huipil , Guatemala, mid 20th century. T04.12.28

May 8, 2013 -Oct 14, 2013
Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Avenue (Dundas St. W & University Ave., St. Patrick subway)
Toronto, Ontario
curated by Roxane Shaughnessy

Guatemala is well known for the richness of its indigenous Maya culture, and the Museum has examples of highly elaborate clothing and accessories from a variety of communities throughout the region. They will be displayed alongside material from international museum collections and contemporary artwork by Guatemalan artists.

Maya traje, the distinctive traditional dress of the highland Maya, is the primary visual expression of Maya identity in Guatemala today. Throughout the 20th century and into the present, Maya clothing has gradually changed, and today handmade traditional styles of dress for everyday, festive and ceremonial occasions, exist alongside modern styles made with commercial cloth and machine embroidery. The vibrantly coloured weavings with evocative symbolic designs offer an array of unique insights into the dynamics of tradition and innovation, the local and the global, as they are reflected in everyday lives

National Capital Region

This Dob- Cross Loom is part of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum core collection of Textile Machinery. envisioned as a history Museum of the local, regional and national textile industry. This loom had been installed at Eaton's Toronto Store along with a weaver to show how Harris Tweed was wovenAdd caption

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

3, Rosamond St. E.
Almonte, Ontario

“ ...located in the annex of the former Rosamond Woolen Company in Almonte, Ontario. Constructed in 1867 this National Historic Site of Canada now features a blend of the old and new, all related to the history of the Mississippi Valley and the textile industry.

Exhibitions range from early mill history and period mill equipment to cottage industry and eclectic modern fibre art exhibitions. Our museum combines traditional static and working displays of textile equipment and processes with activities and events focusing on the region’s heritage, culture and role of the textile industry in the development of Canada.” from website

Visit their facebook page to see images of what is going on

Exhibitions list

150 Years of Canadian Weddings 9 March, 2013 ~ 18 May, 2013

Rare Reflections: Hilary Rice, 19 March, 2013 ~ 18 May, 2013

The Rosamonds: A Woven Family Legacy 14 May 2013,-July 20 2013

Inner Vision Maximo Laura, 13 August – 10 October 2013  and Naked CCOPTIC dancers: ,Collection of Dirk Holger (Atelier Jean Lurçat)  13 August -12 October 2013 (part of Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles
COPTIC textiles were woven by Christian Egyptians in the 3rd to 12th century. Their intricate designs vary tremendously during one millennium. Yet, the artistic expression and joyful love for imaginative woven designs is strong in all epochs. Abstraction of the human form figure, of beasts and saints, of warriors, dancers, horsemen, nereid and stylized leaves and flowers started with the Islamic conquest in the 7th century. The tapestry-woven textiles are mostly cut out tunic fragments, executed in extremely fine weaving quality with exuberant fantasy of the woven images.

image used with permission of artist

Unravelling tension: Bozica Radjenovic , 22 October – 21 dec 2013

“The autobiographical sculpture nurtured and knitted by Božica Rađenović is about facing yourself. It is a kind of a diary that our artist keeps as a place of her reconsideration of identity and existence itself, her personal foothold. Knitting is a way to materialize, with the finest threads, the dreamed and imagined, to express longing, not to forget the past and to create the new… The world of knitting that grows like by cellular division contains vitality and regenerative powers, interweaving of memories of traces of the previous life into everyday life. The material itself, but also the names of some knitted sculptures have as their aim to bring about the effect of the organic, warmth, safety of a nest, mother’s hug, clothes as protection, covering and wrapping of people and organic and inorganic worlds in a knitted, woollen material that is a symbol of tenderness, care, safety and warm touch, embracement and taking in. In her new country, the sculptor has the feeling of having lost her footing, her safe refuge and therefore her sculptures often hover, vibrate in space, showing static instability and interacting with every physical, mechanical movement or even the slightest air flow. A knitted tree hanging or shoes with roots growing from the soles are some of the variations of the theme of being without roots in a new social and art context.”

Matrices :Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles
Moon Rain Centre for Textile Arts
Outaouais, Quebec
August 31 to October 6, 2013

This group exhibition presents textile pieces from the artists creating the 13 outdoor textile art installations: Irene Anton, Maureen Ballagh, Ewa Bartozs Mazus, Lynne Bedbrook, Karina Bergmans , Lou-Anne Bourdeau, Marina Btesh, Erika Connor, Carol Chave, Thomas Cronenberg, Lisa DuFresne, Caroline Gamiette, Claire Guérette, Stephanie Hill, EK Jeong, Asta e Kovanen, Diane Lemire, Lise Létourneau, Catherine Libmann, Véronique Louppe, Mylène Michaud, Kathryn Pannepacker, Ali Rabjohns, Krystyna Sadej, Juana Sleizer, Susan Taber Avila.

For more information about the Triennale Internationale des Arts Textiles and the other exhibitions associated with it visit their website

Artists: Irene Anton & Andie Haltrich  installation during "When Thirteen Moons Entwine" 
International textile arts event in the Outaouais Aug 15 to Oct 10, 2010
Moon Rain Centre, Val-des-Monts, Quebec. (image from

Outdoor Textile Art Installations integrating textile arts into the natural environment

This outdoor laboratory brings together 26 artists in the creation of 13 outdoor textile art installations along a 1.5 km walking trail at Moon Rain Centre for Textile Arts in the Outaouais. Moon Rain Centre for Textile Arts in the Outaouais, the Studio Exhibition and the Outdoor Textile Art Installations will be open to the public on weekends and weekdays by reservation, from August 31 to October 6, 2013.

Homage to Micheline Beauchemin, Quebec's Master Weaver
August 21 to October 13
Espace Pierre-Debain

120 rue Principale

Micheline Beauchemin (1929-2009) Textile artist, equally successful with wool, metal or optic fiber, Micheline Beauchemin has produced a dazzling body of work that confounds our understanding of tapestry, sculpture and integration work. From her workshop-barn in Grondines, she has traveled the world to nourish her art. Woman of character and passion, ‘woman-guts-pride' as Claude Gauvreau wrote, her monumental pieces have shown internationally, while others, like hidden treasures, will leave collections for this exhibition, time enough to pay her a well-deserved homage. Exhibition presented as part of the second edition of the Triennale des arts textiles en l'Outaouais 2013, in collaboration with Moon Rain, the Center for textile arts in the Outaouais. Curator: Thoma Ewen.

New Art of the Loom; curated by Dirk Holger
April 29 - October 26 2013
Galerie Montcalm, Masion du Citoyen

Gatineau Quebec,

Tapestries from 24 artists from 15 countries.This unique, international show has been initiated, organized and curated by Dirk Holger, Atelier Jean Lurcat. His publication, “To weave or not to weave: a basic tapestry book for the lay person,” (Schiffer Books) will accompany the show. A 16 page free brochure will also be produced as an introduction to the touring exhibition. It has two Canadian dates

November - December 2013
Musee des artisanats du Quebec
615, Saint-Croix avenue, Staint-Laurent borough

Birds in Flight by  Amanda McCavour installed at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition July 2009
  Amanda McCavour's Threadded Line opens  April 12 at Au Centre MATERIA, 395, boul. Charest Est, Québec City
En arvil

if  you want to see images from En arvil 2013 visit their facebook Photo page you will have to long into facebook to see this  

Tthe province of Quebec celebrates Textile arts with exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec City and elsewhere. One of the highlights this year will be the opening of the new home of the Musée du costume et du textile du Québec at 363, rue de la Commune Est in Old Montréal. Tapis rouge : la mode au musée opens on April

This exhibitions features key pieces from the museum's collections and creations by contemporary designers.

With three openings in Montreal on March 27 you will need  with you will need to know the Metro system well since these events take place in different sections of Montreal;

Comme un cheveu sur la  soupe, a one night only event starting at 5 pm, featuring Marie-Ève Joseph, Catherine Lisi-Daoust et Kevyn Durocher at Fibres Au Centre d'exposition CIRCA  at  372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Espace 444, Conorddia University,

the offical opening  takes place at Centre design & impressions textile de Montréal  at 6:30 pm where the exhbition  "Taller : les traces" Maryla Sobek   is installed. 4710 rue Saint-Ambroise, atelier 326

Peau d'âme :Monique Gagné opening at   Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec 615, avenue Sainte-Croix, arrondissement de Saint-Laurent.

Situation 1-9, Karen Warshaw Lampcov, porcelain, dryer lint, nails, hemp, spices, roses, cotton, tape in "By Hook or By Crook" student exhibition  Concordia Université (Fibres 480) at Eastern Bloc 7240, rue Clark, 2iem étage March 2012 from fb album En avril in Montreal 2012

Les Ville-Laines
Centre des textiles contemporains de Montréal / Galerie TRAMES
5800 rue Saint-Denis, atelier 501
opening April 3 5pm

There are 8 other exhibitions in Montreal

Quebec City

Arbres d'avril finds the Trees of in Parc St-Roch  in Quebec City  decorated (Yarn Bombing is just not a very interesting term any more.) courtesy of  la Maison des métiers d’art de Québec from April 5 until the 30th

Amanda McCavour in her flower garden April 19 2012 Lonsdale Gallery
Line & Shadow, Larry Kagan and Amanda McCavour
at Lonsdale Gallery, 410 Spadina Road
Threadded line: Amanda McCavour
April 12 -May 19
395, boul. Charest Est

Amanda's exhibition at Centre Materia is followed by graduate students in Textiles and Ceramics from  Maison des métiers d’art de Québec. While En Avril has be happening for the past few years and I have managed to be there this year I am missing it. Quebec's other textile festival is the Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf which happens in an area south west of Quebec city in the late spring and early summer. In  fQ volume 3 Issue 3 September 2007 we  covered the second edition of the International Flax Biennale of Portneuf with a  review of Sacred Flax, flax carrier of memories, flax of the future by Julie Rhéaumein. this year marks its 5th edition. They have a facebook presents since 2008 at where you can see photo's from past years. in this festival they bring fashion, art and craft together in a series of exhibitions, installations and runway performances in rural small town/ village venues.

This is J. Penney Burton's (hanging) and Michele Lapointe (on floor) at "Lieux de memoire" at the Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay 6052, boulevard Monk, Montreal, this exhibition was part of the 2009 Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf  
 I reviewed "Lieux de memoire" which was shown at La Chevrotiere Mill, Deschambault-Grondines, Quebec during the 2009 Biennale international du lin de Portneuf [June 24- September 27, 2009] after its second showing June 9th -24th 2010, at Maison de la culture Marie-Uguay, Quecbec. This how was curated by Denis Longchamps the editor of “Cahiers métiers d'art/ Craft Journal”  in fQ Volume 7 Issue 1/ spring 2011. Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf 2013 starts with an official launch on May 30 at the Musée de la civilisation de Québec . the Exhibitions start in June 

13 June: opening of line of family, barracks of flax

15 June: vernissages property and family spirit Church of Deschambault

June 14-15-16: performance Guerra de Paz and workshops Carla Tennenbaum

More details about these events will be on their website by the end of April

Louise Lemieux Bérubé – “Aimez-vous les uns les autres / Love one another”  Jacquard Tapestry 2006 ( detail) part of "Sacred Flax, flax carrier of memories, flax of the future" Biennale international du lin de Portneuf  in june 2007
that is my quick look at exhibitions happening in Canada over the next 6 months. so get out and look. 


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