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October 2012 Textile Sightings

J. Penney Burton says to post on well something odd is going on with my camera so I need to get a new one before tomorrow night any suggestions. t is a new month I am just off to the Ontario Craft Council awards at the Gladstone where 5 of the recipients work with textiles and then there are the embroidering jewellers, tomorrow is the opening of fibreworks 2012 in Cambridge
OCC awards exhibition October 4 2012

The Awards & Scholarships is an OCC flagship program that celebrates excellence in making, allows for peer recognition, and provides opportunity for promotion.
 as I said something odd is up with my camera. this is 2012 OCC Award winner Lizz Aston with Exploding Lace View - installation detail, 2012, Linen, fusible interfacing, fibre reactive dyes, starched and hand-cut.
While 8 people liked this photo, Carla A. Canonico editor of A Needle PullingThread commented " about a review of Lizz Aston for the next instalment? Cool stuff but looks like metal!"

taking many pictures with permission the name sometimes slips the mind and that is where posting on facebook became handy two people identified Jen Kneuland for me before I had finished posting the nights photos, my comment when from "if you know her Tag her to "A face in the crowd Jen Kneulman! Memory is like a thread or piece of milk weed fluff it can go poof at the slightest breeze)"
 2012 OCC Award winner Shuyu Lu in front of her Hand embroidery on Toile, 9 people liked this photo and it is just one of many I have taken of her and her work that I have posted on facebook, from her grad work, TOAE where she won Best of Fibre 2010 ( i will check back into the facebook album of that event to make sure), the Artist Project and the Cabbagetown Festival
a group of Sheridan Grads Class of 2010 I think (Ceramics)
2012 OCC Award winner Stephanie Fortin with her Shibori Scarves, 2012 Tencel, Itajime Shibori, metal button closure (i took a much better picture in Washington at the TSA)
and here it is this picture is from the facebook album " Almost live from the TSA in Washington DC " the young woman on the right is Stephanie Fortin from Toronto and is in the textile studio at Harbourfront — with Washingtonian Katherine Davis on left   
Now on to the opening of fibreworks 2012
Friday October 5 2012 the opening of fiberworks 2012, Cambridge Galleries 13 biannual juror textile exhibition. You will see my camera problems continue, I did not have time to get a new one. I went ahead and took some pictures, I also borrowed a camera and took some better pictures which they will send me on Tuesday
 Melina Sevilla (Brampton, ON) with her "Mexican Wrestling mask"
Anne Devitt with her printed and woven paper This just such a bad photo I will replace it
Kim Vose Jones (Fredericton, NB) another badly striped photo of the artist that travelled the furthest to find her slightly deflated piece looking ever so beached look at her website for a better version
 oh look its OCC award winner Lizz Aston another night another show
fibreworks 2012 had two jurors Lyn Carter and Fynn Leitch , this is Lyn Carters' Beacon this work which has been on display in the lobby of Queens Square since Dec 2011
 left to right are Iga Janik. Curator, Lyn Carter juror and Kim Vose Jones maker

Me with one of Melina Sevilla' smask, I did try to put it on but it was a bit small. so this was a quick trip to see and interesting show, a few people asked me for an opinion and gave me theirs. this show needs to be reviewed questions about what is art and what is craft still come up and the voices in the discussion the better. see the show if you can. the show after next at Design at Riverside is
Robin & Lucienne Day: Design and the Modern Interior November 08 - January 13, 2013

Natural Resources: Textiles & Material Translation October 17, 2012 - January 6, 2013
Drawing from the TMC’s rich international collection, Natural Resources explores artifacts from a variety of global sites and their translation into environmental materials through their structure, function and surface design.

Curated by Natalia Nekrassova & Roxane Shaughnessy

images: Top: John McQueen, Untitled #106 Section 4 (detail), 1982. Gift of Vincent Tovell. Middle: apron (detail), Papua New Guinea, 20th century. Anonymous Gift. Bottom: undershirt (detail), China, 20th century. Gift of Caroline M. Walker.

 I went looking to buy a new camera today but obviously didn't Gunnel Hagg took this picture of me as my fashion choice of the evening went well with the signage 

left to right in this photo are: Suzanne E. Davis chair of the TMC board of trusties , Roxane Shaughnessy one of the shows two curators, Shauna McCabe,  Executive Director and I am sorry but I just don't know the names of the last two

to see more images and read about this exhibition of plant based fibre objects check out the website and if you I really recommend you see this show it has more then you expected, much more 

Natural Resources: Textiles and Material Translation. October 17 2012 - January 6 2013 ,Curated by Natalia Nekrassova and Roxane Shaughnessy
Made by Hand Show - October 27 - International Centre

and then its November 

I did talk to a dancer today who told me she has been blocked from posting on facebook more then once because of images of her performances and is still there. So who knows ...

There will be more photos coming here. I will not be posting photographs on facebook any more.  
If you want to find out more about my reasons for backing away from using facebook see
My Family Line Stitched (a heritage of textile knowledge) posting in joelewis textileart blog


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