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fiber philadelphia, day two A Sence of Place

It is Philadelphia after all and what is more representative of it then Independence  Hall [or at least I think that is what this is it is Red Brick and Federal style anyway}
 Off to a false start, trying with others to figure out the "loop" in the Bus loop i go into the Philadelphia Art Alliance to see "A Sense Of Place" exhibition and the battery in my camera dies, having shot three pieces which due to their photo policy of private use only and no publishing i couldn't show you anyway. (they will provide high res for publishing)  This  group exhibition guest curated by Bruce Hoffman features makers Marian Bijlenga, Marcia Docter, Pat Hickman, Ke-Sook Lee, Amy Orr, Barbara Lee Smith, Wendeanne Ke`aka Stitt, Bhakti Ziek. Looking at Pat Hichman's installation "Lifeline" 2012, Ke-Sook Lee's "Green Hammock" and Barbara Lee Smith's quilts is enough to say that the ways in location/ belonging and longing for a connection with the earth, home or just one's self can be explored successfully and in the case of these three powerfully in different approaches.

talking about a strong textile history, here is Betsy Ross's house in the Old City District

"Ke-Sook Lee’s work Green Hammock is constructed from US Army Nurse’s uniforms dating from the Vietnam War. Lee, who lived through the Korean War as a child, found the uniforms at an Army supply store, and recalls being struck by the way they were torn, marked, and missing buttons, and thus reflected the experience of the nurses who wore them. The form of the hammock suggests a temporary structure for relaxation (one which can be installed almost anywhere) but the fabric’s own storied history connects the piece to a specific time and place" from press release

[you can see images of these works and the rest of the show on a blog called "Searching For Route 101" and watch a video of  Green Hammock on You Tube]

The Battery is recharged and I am off again and will return after attending the openings

Erin Endicott, with two of her pieces the one closes to her is  "Healing Sutra #28", 2012 Hand embroidery and Walnut ink on antique,  baby dress, 18 x 15 1/2 inches at Wexler Gallery photo Joe Lewis taken with permission
Narrative Thread: Diem Chau, Orly Cogan, Erin Endicott, Flore Gardner, Donna RosenthalMarch 2 – April 28, 2012
201 North 3rd Street

Narrative Thread, a group exhibition exploring innovative stitching and assemblage techniques.
The exhibition will address multiple understandings of identity, story telling, domestic work, and domestic objects.  Featured artists will include Diem Chau, Orly Cogan, Flore Gardner, Erin Endicott, and  Donna Rosenthal.

This is a mixed bag to be honest Flore Gardner's embroidered photographs while looking powerful and compelling as images on line become instant and showy with out much behind them they aren't that compelling anymore and I am puzzled by this. Orly Cogan is a frank story teller with a simple stitch line to draw her images they have the grace of traditional school girl samplers while confronting the viewer with contemporary realities. Diem Chau's embroidered organza stretched over everyday dishes is light hearted and illustrative, not to mention visually deceptive. but I am writing more then I intended.

{ I have seen drilled and embroidered ceramics, steal and even slate see my review of  Push Stitchery in Volume 7 Issue 3 and get the book too, Orly Cogan and Diem Chau are in it also , see Mr X Sttitch  ) 

Trained in sculpture at the Maison des métiers d'art de Québec,in Quebec City Anouk Desloges was showing her embrodiered steal pieces during  the Artist Project 2011 in Toronto, {She is howing there again this wekend }
photo Joe Lewis taken with permission
though I knew Liza Calll's exhibition at the Bluestone Fine Art Gallery isn't scheduled to open untill March 16 I drop by because it was just up the street from the Wexler and was happy to get a sneank preview,

Lisa Call: Relationships-Connections and Barriers
Bluestone Fine Art Gallery
March 16 - April 15, 2012
Reception: Sat, March 31, 2012, 12 - 3pm
Workshop: with Lisa Coll, Apr 2 - 4, 2012
301 North 3rd St., Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tue - Sat, 11am - 6pm

Lisa Call's Pallet photo Joe Lewis taken with permission

Some Canadians at Fiber Philadelphia
Dorothy Caldwell with her piece at8th International Fiber Biennial
Snyderman-Works Gallery photo Joe Lewis
two of Dorie Millerson's Needle lace pieces are also in the biennial, photo Joe Lewis taken with permission
The Crane Arts Building

Distinguished Educators
Crane Arts Building, Grey Area
March 2 - April 15, 2012
1400 N American Street, Philadelphia, PA  19122

Pat Hickman and (I fill fill in this information later)photo Joe Lewis taken with permission  
FiberPhiladelphia presents an exhibition featuring significant artist/mentors who have shaped fiber art today: Adela Akers, Lewis Knauss, Gerhardt Knodel, Gyongy Laky, Joan Livingstone, Rebecca Medel, Jason Pollen, Cynthia Schira, Warren Seelig, Deborah C. Warner, Carol Westfall, Pat Hickman (solo), and along with the late Lillian Elliott, historically important collaborative works.
Cynthia Schira "Source Code", 2010 cotton Jacquard woven .courtesy of Snyderman-Works Gallery, photo Joe Lewis taken with permission       

Outside/Inside the Box
Crane Arts Building, Icebox Project Space
March 2 - April 15, 2012

Receptions: Saturday, March 3, 5 to 8pm and
Saturday, March 31, 5 to 8pm
1400 North American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Diane Savona, Formal Argument" 2011, Salvaged dress mannequin, tuxedo and tuxedo shirt (dye) Vintage napkins and handkerchiefs, hand beaded ornaments, vintages trim. 60" X 24" X 24"
in some way this tuxedo says it all, with wit "Formal Argument" is positioning fiber in the center of things not aon the edge looking for the blessings of the fine arts world.

Featuring the work of Atticus Adams, Brigitte Amarger, Kate Anderson, Marie Bergstedt, Riccardo Berlingeri, Linda Celestian, Jodi Colella, Liz Collins, Linda Colsh, Amber Cowan, Nancy Crow, April Dauscha, Virginia Davis, Bryan Day, Emily DuBois, Emily Dvorin, Theresa Ellerbrock, Erin Endicott, Heidi Field-Alvarez, Cynthia Friedman, Xia Gao, Hanna Hall, Kathy Halper, Tod Hensley, Sarah Hewitt, Reineke Hollander, Jan Hopkins, Jenny Iserman, Susan Iverson, Delbert Jackson, Naomi Kasumi, Patricia Kennedy-Zafred, Pat Klein, June Lee, Maggie Leininger, Mikelle Lindsey, Jackson Martin, Joetta Maue, Tamryn McDermott, Dorothy McGuinness, Clay McLaurin, Mary Merkel-Hess, Ginger Metzger, Debora Muhl, Brenna Murphy, Andrea Noeske-Porada, Teresa Paschke, Michael Radyk, Wen Redmond, Rowland Ricketts, Melanie Ritter Mitchell, Magali Rizzo, Diane Savona, Robin Schwalb, Jenine Shereos, Arlé Sklar-Weinstein, Damia Smith, Mary Ruth Smith, Melinda Steffy, Myrna Tatar, Lucia Travnik, Rachel Udell, Heather Ujiie, Constanza Urrutia Wegmann, Georgette Veeder, Micaela Vivero, Rachel Weiss and Ann Wessman.

Rachek Mica Wiess "Sagging Ellipse (after Richard Serra)" 2011, Hand woven manila rope and sissal twine and wrought iron fixtures, dimensions  variable

end of Day two many things seen more to see

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