Friday, October 14, 2011

Live from the from the Kaunas Biennial part two: Down and out of minutes in Kaunas and London

I stop in London on my way to Lithuania, see Big Ben

Down and out of minutes in Kaunas and London

Imagine a world with no internet access and no credit cards. Hour 38 of stop and go walk through the airport to another check in desk travel. As I sit beside a PHOTO-Me booth with my computer plugged in and recharging  at Heathrow  Airport having just missed my flight home to Canada which left from Gatwick I ponder these things. Since I must wait for others with credit cards to rescue me I write. I slouch on the marble floor which brings back memories of the Austrian ETN meeting in 2009 and the marble floors of the Vienna airport,( which I did spend three hours in yesterday but that is a different story for another time) and think, go outside for a smoke and think. Thinking is an interesting process fueled by  accumulated experiences, years of bits and pieces of information some recalled correctly others not, instinct and millions of other things that have been brought into our brains throw eyes, ears, hands, language, written words piles of stuff that keeps passing into it. Thinking is just reorganizing the clutter and perhaps putting it into the file cabinet hopefully to of use at some later date. But I digress which is nothing new. 

Having arrived at Gatwick airport on September 16th for a brief stay with a friend her husband and 8 month old daughter, while on my way to Kaunas Lithuania for the opening of the Kaunas Biennial Textile 11 and European Textile Network s 16th biannual conference I had been thinking about repackaging this experience in terms of a travel article along with the review and reports about the event I will write for my own publication and pitch to others. This could be the travel piece.

(to be continued )

This is a statue of a cat in the centre of the pedestrian boulevard that runs through the centre of the "Old Town" of Kaunas. It is one of the most charming Cat sculptures I have ever seen. It was hard to photograph because there where always little kids on it, riding , flying dancing or where ever this magical cat seem to take them

So this is not so live it is hard to go to a conference and write about while your attending it. but I have managed to get some Images with info up on facebook if you care to look

facebook albums featuring my bad photos from the Kaunas Biennial 

THE KAUNAS BIENNIAL September 22, 2011 People and places

Exhibitions in Lithuania September 2011

Kaunas, 2011 more people and places

Historic Lithuania

This is the M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybės a. 12, where the main exhibition is mounted 

Up and Coming Exhibition

October 18 - 29, 2011, Kherson, Ukraine

I am one of the 39 men from 14 countries that are included in this exhibition being put on  "Scythia Textile" organization in the Ukraine 

Reflections on The Man in the Moon, © Joe Lewis 2010, 
Jacquard Woven Textile 
Dimensions (cm.) 142. cm High x 48.26 cm wide, Materials & technique: six colour repeated cotton, woven with a two colour weft; black and white, jacquard woven textile  

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