Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finishing School

The phrase "Finishing School" conjures up images of Chateaus in France or Switzerland where the daughters of the untitled upper class merchants are dumped, like rough stones into a rock tumbler, to acquire the polish and veneer required for marriage, ideally to the son of a titled European

LJ Dread
Lindsay Joy, ACAD University, "Dread". appliqué and embroidered cotton and wool on linen. 2010. 38cm x 36cm.
Photo by Melinda Topilko
Not today. Finishing school is when you start racing the clock to a way to start paying off your student loan. It might be a time to look back at the 3, 4 or more years you have spent in school studying something that might gain you employment
Shanell B. Papp, B.F.A., M.F.A. University of Lethbridge, Bone book and Blood Pools, 2007-2009
Materials: Canvas, Velvet, Thread Techniques: Sewing, Embrodery, Pattern Making
Leanne Shea Rhem, OCAD University "Target" Suit weight silk, pleated silk organza, zipper, red permanent marker writing, thread
photo: Christine Lim
Model: Leanne Shea Rhem
The new Issue of fibreQUARTERLY is now on line. Volume 7 Issue 2 Summer 2011 is our Finishing School issue and that is what it is all about. Ten students representing 5 different school, ACAD University, Capilano University, University of Lethbridge, OCAD University and Sheridan College.

fibreQUARTERLY has since 2005 showcased the work of 30 young makers just as they have left school for the "real" world or the Harbourfront Centre Craft Studio in Toronto or which some may think delays entering real life but it doesn't make the stress of paying your student loans off any different then anybody else's. This is a moment for them to pause and reflect on where they were and where they see themselves going in terms of a future working with fibre.

Enjoy the enthusiasm and bravado and hopefully pride they are experiencing right now and the ways in which they are expressing it.

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Joe Lewis wearing Keiley Stewart 's Lion's Head
Size: 60cm x 40cm Medium: Felted; coopeworth, camel, 2011. Photo take at the opening of Shape of Things, Sheridan College 2011 Graduate exhibition

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