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February -March textile round up.

Dorie Millerson's " Streetcar" currently on display at *new* Gallery 906 Queen Street West, Toronto, February 16 – 27, 2011

Its time to start making plans for the next 6 weeks of travelling to textile events. the Toronto One of a Kind Spring show starts at the end of March, [March -30 - April 3] while the TMC annual Shadow Box exhibition and Silent auction kicks off on February 23rd and is open for bidding until 7pm on Thursday March 3. In between then and now you have a few days to run into the 2nd edition of the 20 x 20 at the Montreal Centre of Contemporary Textiles to bid on the pieces on display

jacquard by Lisa Lee Peterson, Indiana, US

June J. Jacobs, Meacham Saskatchewan
This year along with the 20 x 20 work there is a selection of current and former students work for sale. Zent Keymole, a graduated in who launched his menswear business in 2009, his Snow Knit, pillow of Bamboo and silk had a interesting structure.

Zent Keymole, Snow Knit, Bambou et soie (coussin Blanc) $ 200.oo
Isabella Hayes
Course: Knitting Equipment Fall 2010 Session


Sandcastle and Wave, by Ruth Jones,

Selvedge by Ruth Jones
March 4 to April 5, 2011 | Daily 10 am – 7 pm
1 - 1666 Johnston St., Net Loft Granville Island
tel [604] 669 8021 | shop@circlecraft.net | Admission: FREE
For information about other upcoming gallery exhibitions, visit: www.circlecraft.net

Ruth Jones is an artist who works both in the medium of paint and of fine hand woven tapestry. Her studio is in Vancouver. Following degrees in Classical Studies from the University of British Columbia and in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute, she completed the graduate program in Tapestry Design and Production from the National School for Decorative Arts in Aubusson, France.

In addition to developing her unique line of work, she creates site-specific imagery on commission for private, public, and corporate clients. Her client list includes IBM Head office in White Plains, New York, the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, and the Governor-General's residence in Ottawa.

Nurturing Words

MADE presents 
Patch Work: felt quilts by Kathryn Walters 
March 3 -  June 26

Gladstone Hotel Cafe
1214 Queen Street West.
opening Thursday  March 3,  9:30 - 11 pm
regular viewing is 7am -10pm daily

" Kathryn Walter reworks remnants from her studio production work into this series of quilts. Pieces  of pressed wool industrial felt, mostly squares and rectangles, are ends from the cutting table where Walter works with basic shapes to maximize the yield of material and lay the ground for her modern, minimalist aesthetic. the quilts have no planned design. Rather like paintings the artist arranges the pieces in relation to one another, making choices of form and colour, over the course of building the whole". from the press release

Kathryn Walter and her production company FELT Studio were part of FABRICation - Studio Production Textiles for Interiors, August 24 - October 24, 2010 at Cambridge Galleries Design at Riverside. As the curator of the Textile Museum of Canada's Beaver Hats to Hockey Pads: A Canadian Social History, 1999-2000 and participant in exhibitions such as: New Landscapes: Design Transforms Canadian Furniture Curated by Rachel Gotlieb, at The Design Exchange, Toronto, 2001 and Canada House, London, UK, Fall 2002, the juried exhibitions FiberArts International 2007, at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, 2007, Fibreworks 08, Cambridge Galleries
Cambridge, 2008 as well as Fashioning Felt curated by Susan Brown at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, New York, 2009. her work has gained international recognition in both design and art world.

5 Yard Vessels, seen at fibreworks 2008 these vessels show off the versatile sculptural quality of industrial felt. Each unit is made from one strip of felt 3/8” x 1” x 5 yards long and represents Walter’s ongoing explorations of manipulating single pieces of felt into an array of objects and wares.[photo by Joe Lewis]

Artist Talk: Sunday March 6th 2 pm, Art Bar,

This is one of a curated series of textile exhibits at the Gladstone Hotel as part part of the hotel's art and design incubator program
MADE is Shaun Nicholson and Julie Moore, MADE is http://www.madedesign.ca/ located at 867 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Lois Schklar-Thirty YearsMarch 2-March 20 2011
*new* gallery
906 Queen Street West, Toronto

opening reception: Saturday March 5: 2 - 5 p.m.

Thirty Years of Dolls, will trace the journey of her doll making through the display of 30-40 dolls, early work from 1979-1986 and mid career work from 1991-2003. Half of the work in the exhibition gallery will be on loan from collectors and the rest from her own inventory.
a selection of dolls by Lois Schklar

This the last exhibition at *new* gallery which is closing its doors

"After eight fulfilling, creative years on the Toronto arts scene, *new* gallery will close at the end of March 2011. Thank you to all the artists who have exhibited with us and to the public for its support!" from the collective

March 3 – 6, 2011 / Queen Elizabeth Building, Exhibition Place

Soon Cho,  who will be in Booth I-2 in the  UNTAPPED section  of the Artist Project  this is Hidden Silhouette, plastic gimp, 150" x 60" this piece is was at the entrance to Radiant Dark 2010 visit her website at http://www.sooncho.com/

These three pieces are by Lorraine Roy shown at last years Artist Project.  Her textile and embroidered pieces. which have very complicated constructed surfaces, richly coloured and textured. see more at her website

The Artist Project Toronto will offer a sensory experience to all those who attend. From the presentation of incredible works by over 200 independent artists, including the popular UNTAPPED, an exhibition that introduces the work of talented emerging artists, to The 3D World Lounge Created by SONY introducing photos shot with the latest 3D technology. The Lemon Competition shows artists’ interpretations of this interesting theme and Installation Alley displays creations beyond one’s imagination. Art Chats is a special feature where five industry experts share their insights and ignite a passion for fine art. Speakers explore how to “find your art style”, help “understand how art defines communities” and visit “the joy of abstraction” and “ways to understand the significance of contemporary art”.


I met the Art Stylist at the TIAF last fall they have a wealth of information at their fingertips and practical advice for buying and collecting art. Art Chats is designed to educate new and existing collectors on trends and techniques as well as discusses the unique qualities independent artists hold in the art world. This year the following speakers for the three-day event are:

The Art Stylists, Manny Neubacher and Anya Shor, “What’s Your Art Style?” / Friday, March 4th, 7-8pm

Manny Neubacher and Anya Shor of The Art Stylists will help you overcome any apprehension you may have when buying your first piece of artwork. Learn the basics of art buying with an introduction to various mediums, genres and trends that will assist you in finding the right piece for your home and lifestyle. They will offer tips and insights that will make any first-time buyer feel at ease.

Faye Carmella Mullen riding her tidder todder in Untapped: Installation Alley 2010. This massive timber creation on which Mullen tries to balance herself (an Artist) with bricks (civilization) can she maintain it? can we give art the weight it needs to stay afloat..
Melony Ward, Publisher, Canadian Art, “The Vitality of Visual Arts”/ Saturday, March 5th, 1-2pm

Melony Ward, publisher of Canadian Art magazine, will host a lively panel of artists from The Artist Project. Canadian Art is a prestigious, award-winning, quarterly magazine that showcases the best of contemporary Canadian and historical art. With dynamic images, layouts and writing, Canadian Art presents the vitality and variety of visual arts in Canada.

Ross Bonfanti' with his  mixed media [petrified and thread bare] teddy bears Totem  [photo by Joe Lewis TAP 20010]
Ross Bonfanti's Teddy bears sitting on David Bromley's Boxes [Printed Linen Mounted on Board] hearken back to childhood. better times [photo by Joe Lewis TIAF 2009]
Ross Bonfanti  will be in booth 311this year, He is from Toronto but I first came across his cement Teddy Bears at the British art dealer  Rebecca Hossack Gallery's booth at the International Art Fair a few years ago. to see more of his work visit www.awolgallery.com

Betty Ann Jordan, “The Joy of Abstraction” / Saturday, March 5th, 3-4pm

Art writer, art educator, columnist and tour leader Betty Ann Jordan makes looking and talking about abstract art a captivating process. In this illustrated talk she identifies key ideas and terms relating to abstraction in art and she’ll look at the best abstract painters and sculptors of the 20th and 21st centuries. She will also discuss works by artists in The Artist Project who are applying similar methods and working in an abstract or semi-abstract mode.

This is the work of Shu-yu LU who wis in Untapped Open Gallery Booth O-11 This is printed and embroidered organza in 7 inch plastic hoop.
Last year when i final made it around to the far back end of the building where the Untapped Open Gallery was I asked artist in the next booth to take this photo to prove I was there.
Beck Cab by Shu-yu_Lu
Shu-yu Lu won 2010 Best of Fibre as chosen by Susanne Warner Keen at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.
you can see more of Shu-yu_Lu work in my OCAD Material Art & Design Thesis Exhibition 2009 album

Artists Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, “We Can Go Here, or We Can Go There” / Sunday, March 6th, 1-2pm

Collaborative artist duo Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins speak about the city, the art market, the culture market and how it all fits together. In their discussion, they will talk to the choices that artists and art-supporters make and how they define our city as a creative community. They will discuss how art is changing Toronto and how artists, the market, galleries and institutions interact. They will also address what goes wrong when any one of these pieces of the puzzle does not fit together, or one of them falters.

White Party Dress (my name for this piece) embroidered gampi paper and buttons. by Noelle Hamlyn,  2010  The Artist Project visit her website www.noellehamlyn.com

William Huffman, “Five Things About Contemporary Art (That You Didn’t Know You Already Knew!)” / Sunday, March 5th, 3-4pm

Associate Director of the Toronto Arts Council, William Huffman explores five truisms or modern(-ish) proverbs that are immediately recognizable to the broader public but in this case related to contemporary art. The “Five Things” will look further into the mythologies and misconceptions of the art world, reveal the artistic process and its system of valuation, and highlight the ways in which viewers bring new meanings to work.


And that is just what is happening in the next 2 weeks

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