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What the Well Dressed Chair is Wearing This Year: IDS 2011 kicks off

A tattooed pillow perhaps?

"Black Nior Chair"

Why not a Tattoo? This is from "The Chair Source"  the model is the "Black Nior Chair" it was a prop/ accessory in the Eurolite booth #1010

As the Toronto International Design Festival kicks off I had the chance to hear British designer Rachel Wingfield of Loop.pH (UK) deliver a talk at OCAD University " “ArchiLace: Ecomimetic Space Design” was a look at her textile design education, and her journey to her current design practice. working with lace making techniques to build surface and structure at the the same time.
image from facebook profile
  You can see more images of their work on Flicker
and find out more about them at

After the talk it was off to "All You Need Is Love " opening night party at the IDS 2011. A gathering of industrial and interior design fans, furniture, accessories, ideas, food and rink..."All You Need Is Love". and when i say furniture i mean chairs. As usual I look to the Prototype, Studio North and DESIGN/GEN/NEXT exhibitions for the new in design thought. lets just say design  tendencies are more sideways then backwards and forward and I find similar shapes to the shapes of last year and the year before. What i am hoping for is the next design by last years designers.

Everro is designed by Edmonton designer Andrea Leinter. it is made of foam covered with worsted wool and held together with steal straps. "Prototype" 2010
 Davaide Tonizzo, Toronto, "GIG" materials; Birch. cotton fabric over foam, plywood base
"Prototype" 2011
Farhad Shabania's chair "flip flop" can be use as a rocker or is stationary when rolled the other way. it is clever and has an upholstered seat. "DESIGN/GEN/NEXT" 2010
Bram Sawatzy, Edmonton " Have a Seat" ver 4.1 lounger
materials: paper, glue, wood veneer, felt steal tubing, "Prototype" 2011
Evan Bare, Toronto Hub Chair
materials; Birch Plywood, water based finish, 100% wool fabric over soy foam, Jute suspension
  " Prototype 2011"
Some one suggest I look to the schools to see why the furniture designs look to store bought cloth when it comes to upholstery rather then artisan made. It is true that there is no industrial weaving equipment to produce and finish  upholstery weight material in any school in Canada, but that doesn't negate the hand woven. It is more a lack of cross disciplinary interaction and that applies in industrial design, fashion and textile education. This year however there was a moment of excitement when I came across a modular carpet square coming from an unexpected source in the DESIGN/GEN/NEXT display.

Modular carpet tile designed by Humber College Interior Design students

Students from Humber College Interior Design program designed and produce an original modular carpet tile pattern  with Milliken and Company a US manufacturer. Students Dorothy Beckford, Abigail Edgar, Tomasz Kwec and Brianna Pattille researched existing modular carpets and from there they worked on developing and refining a unique modular carpet design.

A look around the GEN/ NEXT there is a sampling of textile and fibre work with Sheridan showing the work of a student from the textile department

Pillows by Diana Briere
Chair(ish) by OCAD University student Cassandra Alves

Studio North showcases ateliers and designer-makers from coast to coast, with artisanal weavings from Armstrong Textiles (HALIFAX), graphically-inspired furniture from Trashbonbon (MONTREAL) and hand-crafted wood furnishings from Shawn Place Design (PRINCE GEORGE). What’s more, Studio North is a great place to check out the latest textiles, prints and wall coverings by Rollout, Manor 12, and Nicole Tarasick. Witness the wonders of glass by Gregor Herman, Trio Design, and Tsunami.

Drop by Armstrong Textiles and see if Leslie has made any progress on her Tapestry loom

Andrew Ooi Free Folding Artist 
Andrew Ooi is a self taught Toronto born artist. His intent is to 'bring a new light to origami' through its practical application to modern living spaces. Ooi is always looking for new and inventive ways to apply his unique brand of origami, particularly within the realm of domestic and commercial spaces where he seeks to perfectly blend expression with practicality. With this in mind, Andrew Ooi's craft is that of "Lived Art". His work is not simply meant to be passively enjoyed, as perhaps a sculpture or a painting, but rather takes an active role in forming the energies within the spaces it inhabits.

Silk Screen printed Pillows by OCAD University 3rd year Graphic design student Nicole Tarasick
digatly printed textiles and wall papers by
Lucia Kinghorn Bespoke Textile Design

Bespoke textile design service providing original designs for interior spaces and objects.

 Atelier 688 is a one stop shop for the best in young Canadian Art and Design works with a strong emphasis on reclaimed and revitalized works inspired by the natural environments that surround our cities.

Double sided woven blanket from Oleana
Oleana is a small ethically-run company on the west coast of Norway mainly producing colourful, quality knitwear. At this show, we will be presenting the OLEANA collection of blankets, designed by award winning Solveig Hisdal, and made in Norway

Interior deign objects by Lilly Yung
This year the Ontario Craft Councill is feature the laser cut felt work of the late Lilly Yung 1947 -2010.

"Born in Hong Kong, Yung received her Ph. D. in Immunology at the University of Alberta where she also studied printmaking. She began making jewellery in non-precious materials in 1986. Since 1994, she used textile techniques in wire and beads to transform them into exquisite jewellery. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally, and has won numerous awards in both printmaking and jewellery. Yung was a founding member of the artists run fine craft gallery *new* in Toronto, as well as a co-editor of NewViews, a series of notes and reviews on Canadian craft practice." form the OCC websites announcement of "the Genius That Was Lily Yung: ahead of her time " exhibition which is currently running at their Queen west Gallery space, January 6 - February 6, 2011
OCC Gallery, 990 Queen St. W., Toronto

 Moving out of Studio North and into the main body of the IDS I came across New Carribean Design: Guyana wai wai baskets which another of enterprising designer Patty Johnson and another of her international collaborations. the most recent was working with west coast and northern interior aboriginal artisans which was presented last fall at the Queen Quay Gallery at Harbourfront. This one is with Liana Cain and Shu Shu Kaywe –the oldest master weaver in the Guyanese community. along with the baskets Patty told me there are some fine embroidered clothes that weren't on display during the party but will be out for the rest of the show.

Visit their website to read more about the project.
felt "Lambs" by by Ronel Jordaan
Year after year the Toronto design shop "snob" brings an incredible collection of antique and contemporary art from Africa.Hand felted seamless Rock Pillows made by Ronel Jordaan of 100%  wool have been a hit in past years, this year Ronel Jordaan has created felted lambs. these hollow with the felt is stretched of light weight armature. There is button and beaded pillows, a feather chandelier, not to mention all the furniture and sculpture. This is not work made for the tourist trade.
Button pillows: Hand crocheted in copper wire, using buttons. the are down filled, each piece individually signed by craft worker

Nigerian piece of leather and shell
 As I queried at the beginning "What is the well dressed chair wearing?" and the answer was tattoos, now I ask what is the well dressed lamp wearing?  The answer of course is a sweater. 

GEA floor with zipper by Arturo Álvarez
knitted Silicone: white, black, orange or blue
GOOD DESIGN Award 2008
H: 180 cm
Ø: 28 cm
Both the sweater wearing light and the Chairs with the Tattoos are from Eurolite

"•Over One Hundred lines of designer products! •We source both locally and internationally •We Specify •We Design •We Manufacture •We work with You in all of your Commercial, Residential and Hospitality needs •Now in our Twenty-Third year! Booth #1010 
200 Queens Quay East Unit 6
Toronto, ON
Canada, 416.203.1501

"The Chair Source"  "Black Nior Chair"

No Toronto art and design event is complete with out a new wire constructions from the elegant hand of Sophie DeFrancesca this one from Galerie D*Este 1329 Greene Avenue Montreal, QC Canada


This Bev Hisey's " plaster and lath" hand Tufted carpet at R.A.D.  899 Dundas Street west part of Do Design : Thursday, January 27 to Sunday, January 30, 2011, 29 displays a long Dundas Street West between Bathurst and Grace Street

To see more Images from the Toronto International Design Festival 2011 check out my facebook album of the same name 

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