Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fibreQUARTERLY Volume 6 Issue 3/ Winter 2010 now online


In the meantime I have been travelling. Starting last January in Calgary where I saw REEDS & WOOL: Patterned Screens of Central Asia, at the Nickel Arts Museum and reviewed it for Selvedge. 

This Dob- Cross Loom is part of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum core collection of Textile Machinery. envisioned as a history Museum of the local, regional and national textile industry. This loom had been installed at Eaton's Toronto Store along with a weaver to show how Harris Tweed was woven.

In May and June I had the opportunity to visit the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte, Ontario and the Musée du Costume et du Textile du Quebec for the first time. This spring I visited some historic House Museums, regional Historical Society Archives and historic “Villages,” aka Living Museums. I took the opportunity to talk with costumed interpretive guides,  conservators and administrators directly or via e-mail to find out how these different facilities dealt with the textiles in their collections. In October it was off to Lincoln Nebraska for the 12th Biennial Textile Society of America Symposium then of course there were the exhibitions lectures and trade fairs in Toronto. All along the way I have been taking photographs after receiving permission to do so of course and posting them in facebook albums. "My life On Facebook by a Random Reporter" ... 

from the editorial "Textiles Travel and So Do We"

the Canadians just kept running into each other, here we have Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary covered. Toronto, Joe Lewis: weaver writer, publisher of fibreQuarterly, far left, Roxane Shaughnessy: Curator, Textile Museum of Canada and TSA Recording Sectary on the far Right with Michael Hardy: Curator, Nichol Arts Museum in Calgary and TSA Director of External Affairs, unknown woman from east coast, Ruth Scheuing: Professor Capilano University Vancouver, Artist, TSA President. Montreal: Kelly Thompson Assistant Professor in Textile Fibre Department at Concordia,
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Michelle @ Periwinkle said...

Hello there. I just noticed your comment of last week re. my sale of K's yarns. It went okay I guess, although weavers are a strange lot, in some ways. The yarns are indeed beautiful and top quality, of which I made sure that they were quite aware. I still have a Lot of them to find homes for, but they are taking a little rest now in some storage bins. I have myself been trying to make use of some of the bits and pieces, in crochet, knitting and felted stuff, and they have been nice to work with. There have been 2 people in particular who I think will make some good use of what they bought. I am glad that Darrel Bell is promoting K's work.. As you are probably aware, it is of a very high standard, with unsurpassed use of color and shading. Although she has now moved to an apartment, K has kept a tapestry loom with her, and I hope has been working on something. I am glad that there are people that are interested in her work. Michelle (also, I must say that as I followed back some links to find out who you were, I came upon your blog of the apartment building , and was somewhat horrified. You have my sympathy, and hopes that conditions will improve.)