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This Week has 10 days Oct 28 - November 7 2010

Champaign by artist designer Kate Jenkins repesented by the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery from England [photo: joe lewis]
 Last year it was Champaign and Caviar to remind us of the "High Life" in 2008 it was sardines, cigarettes and a blue plate special. or at least that was the beaded and crocheted work by British designer and textile artist Kate Jenkins was showing at the Rebecca Hassack Gallery. One of my favourite Galleries that comes to the TIAF.

Thursday October 28th 2010 in Toronto is a very busy day with the 11th Art Toronto [TIAF 2010] opening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 255 Front Street West North Building, Exhibit Hall A and B with its now annual benefit for the Art Gallery of Ontario kicking of the event 6:30-10:00 pm.

TIAF October 28 - November 1

to see some images from this years art fair see this facebook album
TIAF October 28, 2010

Notes on the Art Writing and Publishing market place

It has become a growing concern for me as a publisher trying to find writers who specialize in textile in terms of research, reviewing of contemporary or historic material, and as a writer looking beyond the limited number of publications dealing with Textiles ranging from the newsstand available Fibrearts and Selvedge Associational publications like Textile Forum from the European Textile Network and Surface Design from the Surface Design Association which have a general subscription outside or membership  membership only publications like Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, from the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. Specialized academic publications like Textile History from The Pasold Research Fund which has been publishing for over 40 years. The more specialized the publication the higher the price is to get it and there is an assumption of obscurity. Does anybody really want to read about The East Anglian Linen Industry. Rural industry and local economy, 1500-1850. [ actually today i started to read "The Linen Trade of Europe" by John Horner published in 1920 in Belfast by the Linen Hall Press at the Textile Museum's library so i for one would say yes to reading about the East Anglian Linen Industry By Nesta Evans in published by The Pasold Research Fund in 1985.]

 Then there are the interesting on-line experiments like Clothes line the on-line Journal of Costume which i just found today and of course there is John Hoppers "the Textile Blog" which I think is exceptional.

What this means is there is a market place for textile writing unfortunately every one is currently suffering financially and the institutional subscriber such as Museums and universities are not renewing subscriptions, printing cost are prohibitive and the Internet has become a new delivery system. Traditional publishers are losing their market share and we are losing places to publish and things to read. So who do you write for and do you subscribe to these publications. When a write ask me "How much do you pay" as a first response to a request for an article I realize my answer has to be "do you have a subscription to fibreQUARTERLY?"

I am just asking are we digging our own grave rather then watering a garden that will continue to nourish us? Or to put it terms of being a maker: Do you buy other peoples work? 

And now back to events in and around Toronto

Lois Schklar, Familiar Territory: Pathways opens Thursday October 28th, from 7-10 at The Department 13 89 Dundas St West, Toronto

Lois Schklar is organizing a show for March 2011: Thirty Years of Dolls, will trace the journey of her doll making through the display of 30-40 dolls, early work from 1979-1986 and mid career work from 1991-2003. Half of the work in the exhibition gallery will be on loan from collectors and the rest from her own inventory. 

MADE presents:

A display of Bev Hisey's work at "FABRICation - Studio Production Textiles for Interiors"
August 24 - October 24, 2010. Cambridge Galleries; Design at Riverside 

OP: Hand Tufted Carpets by Bev Hisey
Wed, Oct 27, 2010 - Mon, Feb 28, 2011 
Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Ontario 

Opening October 28th 9:30 - 11:00

An exhibition of hand tufted carpets by Bev Hisey in the Gladstone Cafe.
Since 2002 Bev Hisey's work is been in MADE Canadian Design "Radiant Dark" exhibitions presented during the what is now the Toronto International Design Festival for the past few winters.Her work is available through Made and other outlets across north America. visit her website

Dirty Dishes - Influenza  by Bev Hisey 4o" diameter 100% wool. Canvas
Made presents Radiant Dark 09 Elegant Corruptions
Notes for writing about Carpets:

The obvious market for stories on designers and interior design objects is the large number of popular interior design magazines which go from "How to" shopping driven publications like Canadian House and Home, or "in the know" design shopping magazines like Azure. Then there are more obscure academic journals, but because Bev Hisey is a designer of Contemporary Carpets  Hali Modern:Carpets and Textiles for Interiors  would be a good choice. 

Hali (the name means carpet in Turkish) " is the glue that holds the international rug and textile art market together. Described as "the benchmark against which all other art publications measure their quality", HALI is an international quarterly magazine of exceptional style, brimming with information. It is essential reading for the amateur and the connoisseur alike"

Hali Modern which they have published since 2005 is for a consumer of contemporary design. 

Hali Modern " Wider appreciation and the increased involvement of top-tier designers has taken contemporary design rugs to a new level. We look at the innovative collaborations and commissions that are changing the face of the industry"

Kai Chan: A Spider's Logic part two opens at the Textile Museum of Canada on Nov 7

Two Islands and a River, Kia Chan, 2010 Silk Thread, 234 X 333 X 5 cm, this piece is on display at the  Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery of Markham [photo by Joe Lewis]
Kai Chan: A Spider's Logic

Nov 7, 2010 - May 1, 2011
Textile Museum of Canada
55 Centre Avenue Toronto, Ontario

(Dundas St. W & University Ave., St. Patrick subway)

A 35-year retrospective at the Textile Museum of Canada from November 7, 2010 - May 1, 2011 and the Varley Art Gallery of Markham from September 26, 2010 - January 30, 2011.

That concludes my round up for the next 10 days but November is just beginning and we have Hard Twist and Piece Work at the Gladstone to look forward to and the Christmas One of a Kind.

Hard Twist 5: Chorma
Nov 26, 2010 to Jan 30, 2011
The Gladstone Hotel

Nov 26, 2010 to Jan 30, 2011

The Gladstone Hotel’s 5th Annual Juried Textile Exhibition, held in the 3rd and 4th floor Galleries, opens on Friday November 26, 2010 – 6pm-10pm .
Year five of this annual juried exhibit is all about colour. Participating artists explore colour symbolism, meaning, relationships and perceptions through textile and fibre-based mediums.

Hard Twist artists present an exceptional palette of works ranging from the monochrome of Angela Iarocci’s subtle scientific exploration Sky Condition that visualizes the climate data of Canada’s urban centres, through American artist Joyce Melander- Dayton’s playful patterned expressions to Amanda McCavour’s intense “super-saturated, super-spiro-scribble decoration that is so bright it’s almost blinding”.

HARD TWIST 5: CHROMA! runs for two full months and is free to the public 12pm-5pm daily in the third and fourth floor public galleries at the Gladstone Hotel

2010 Participants:

Amy Bagshaw, Fiona Bailey, Susan Bidinosti, Monserrat Brandan, Kerry Croghan, Dhashi Farha, Lindsay Fisher, Holly Gabel, Angela Iarocci, Say Ivison, Shuyu Lu, Alanna Lynch, Amanda McCavour, Renata Meirelles, Joyce Melander-Dayton, Melanie Schaffer, Kat Shaughnessy, Mafalda Silva, Marcy Sperry, W Collective, Sarah Waldman-Engel, Jennie Wood

Curators: Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell,

2010 Jurors: Eva Ennist, Shaun Moore, and Julie Nicholson

Heather Goodchild:" hooked"  at hard twist 2009
 You can see images from last years exhibition in my facebook album
november 2009 more textile things to see

One Of A Kind

I bought these Susan Harris Spats at the Gladstone during pieceWORK which will be happening again this year during the first weekend of Hard Twist and as always you will find Susan at the One Of A Kind Show

Check out my facebook album from the spring One Of A Kind Show to remind yourself what it is all about 
March 31 2010, One of a Kind , weave in

So if you attend any of these events and post something on a blog, in facebook, or want to write about for me, leave a comment, send a link or just get in touch. This is just what is happening in Toronto, other exhibitions and events are happening across the country.

where do you share your information?

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