Thursday, September 10, 2009

TAMARA JAWORSKA. book launch and ArtPolonica One

"TAMARA – The Art of Weaving" from Bernardinum Publishing House
After almost a year since the retrospective exhibition at Prime Gallery the launch of Tamara- The Art of Weaving, a comprehensive over view of the Tapestry work of international renown, Polish born, Canadian weaver Tamara Jaworska will be launched at the Polish Consulate in Toronto at 2603 Lakeshore Blvd. on Wednesday September 16 2009 , between 6.30 - 9.30pm.

Tamara - The Art of Weaving has an introduction by Richard Demarco, Professor Emeritus of Cultural Studies at Kingston University in Surrey England, artist ,curator and Arts educator, and essays by John Vollmer, Cultural Consaltent, curator, writer and founding Director of the Design Exchange in Toronto, and Mel Cooper a Canadian born Broadcaster and arts journalist and current Director of the Genesis Foundation in the UK which helps fund emerging artist in all fields and founder of Opera Now magazine. Published in English, French and Polish the book is informative with 128 full colour pages of her Tapestry work.

With architectural commissions like Quartet Modern and Unity her cooperate work is large scale. Unity in the collect of Gulf Oil was made for Gulf Canada Square in Calgary is twenty two feet high and thirty three feet wide  Quartet Modern  consisting of four fifteen by nine feet pieces made of Irish Linen, hand spun and commercial wool hanging at First Canadian Place at King and Bay Street in Toronto since 1974. She has an established place in the Canadian Art and international world. Appointed to the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts 1975, the Order of Canada 1994 and receiving the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal in 2002 and most recently awarded Polish Medal Gloria Artis earlier this year. She is the subject of several documentary films including Tamara's Tapestry World 1975 and Tamara Art of Weaving 2007.

In a combined celebration of Tamara Jaworska and Polish arts, an exhibition entitled ArtPolonica One is currently showing at Art Square Gallery 334 Dundas West in Toronto directly across the street from the AGO. Curator Kika Misztela  of PolishedArts  consulting • exhibits • promotions, has brought together fourteen artist including Tamara Jaworska  along with five from Poland and eight from Canada. this exhibition runs until the end of September

Unity was made for Gulf Canada Square in Calgary is twenty two feet high and thirty three feet wide due to renovations and changes in management the where abouts of this monumental tapestry is unclear (if you happen to be in the neighbourhood 401 9th Ave  SW the one with the steam engine in front of it go in and ask.)

Tamara Jaworska holding court at Art Square Gallery, opening of ArtPolonica One

PolishedArts, consulting • exhibits • promotions, for more information or orders please contact Kika Misztela e-mail;

"art has no borders and it is a universal language" Kika Misztela
Tamara Jaworska was in the 1974 exhibition Textiles Into 3-D curated by Helen Duffy, this exhibition will be featured in the upcoming issue of fibreQUARTERLY

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