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March 11-12 2009 48 Hours in Montreal

Mitsuko Akutsu

The reason for going: The Japanese artist Mitsuko Akutsu presenting her most recent jacquard woven artworks at the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles

“ICHIGO ICHIE is a Japanese expression for Tea Ceremony, it means “once-in-a-lifetime chance". For Mitsuko, taking photos is also one chance, each time, in her lifetime. She always had a strong interest in photographing nature. She is also interested in the human traces that express or record the passing of time – such as scuff marks or other evidence of natural wear.”

A Japanese artist born in Tokyo, Mitsuko Akutsu is Associate Professor in Aoyama Gakuin Women’s Junior College. She has had twelve solo exhibitions in Tokyo and multiple selected group exhibitions. The work in this exhibition was created during this last year at MCCT, and are the result of her research during her residency.

The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles
5800 St-Denis Studio 501
Montréal, (Québec) H2S 3L5 Canada

Mitsuko Akutsu

While in Montreal I went to check out some of my favourite places such as commissaries Design gallery/ shop who along with Toronto’s Ministry of the Interior presented Kwangho Lee “Comme une forêt de fil” (“Like a forest of wire”) in "ballroom" at the Gladstone during Come Up to My Room [February 6- 10]

Simplicité, volontiers chez / at commissaires is the current exhibition with works by designers from the Netherlands

Jo Meesters

Jo Meesters’ “Day Bed” is part of the “Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces” collection from their Test Lab. This grouping consisting of four furniture pieces has been produced by working with a specific limited supply of recycled material re-purposed with a minimum of waist.

The collection which is entirely made out of 34 discarded wooden beams and 16 leftover blankets is based on upholstering and weaving techniques creating soft variations of everyday objects.

LADAK Blanket project

LADAK has named each blanket after a homeless person and/or hero. These names, from ‘Arie’ to ‘Willem’ refer to the type of blanket. But, just as ‘Willem’ is not always the same person on a Monday as he is on a Tuesday, no blanket is the same.

Each blanket is handmade and unique, and vary slightly in size. The basic size is 200 cm (78 inches) by 140 cm (54,6 inches). They can be machine washed at 30° centigrade (86° F). Just as easy. a portion of the sales of these Blankets is being donated to Rehab Mentrum in Amsterdam along with practical donations of their product lines

LADAK website

While talking with the owner he pointed out this Plaid Blanket and told me about the designers attempt to revitalize the weaving production of a mill founded in 1920.

Plaids by Scholten & Baijings, ( # ) Amsterdam woven at DE PLOEG

As Commissionaires brings international design to Canada they are currently preparing to take Canadian designs to the international market place. they are currently getting ready to take "Babiche nouvelle" by design group made up of Laurie Bedikian, Mania Bedikian, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Patrick Meirim de Barrosa. "Babiche nouvelle" is a new take on the traditional pine chair with a woven rawhide seat, but in steel tubing with babiche, the hand-woven webbing used on snowshoes and chair seats, that has graced country kitchens in Quebec since the 1600s, along with a modern take on the traditional ceinture fléchée to the SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE 2009 in Malian

you can read about Cienture Flechee at

Commissionaires 5226, boul. St-Laurent, Montréal (QC) Canada H2T 1S1

Last week in Montreal saw a series of exhibitions featuring Concordia art students opened all over town. It was a mixed bag to say the least, and perhaps the most, Stuffed Dolls/ creatures, some printing, one artist in particular doing everything in one piece, again and again and again, you'll know it when you see it.

trendShedding march 9 to march 13
VAV Gallery, VA Building - 1395 RENÉ LEVESQUE W.

This has the work of

Olivia Mew, I am Busy Forever

Allison Book “Now What” 2008, stuffed cloth “Chimpanzees” with printed faces and ASL cards

Katie Earle “free Gazza Spring Collection” Printed textiles

Obsession subtile / Subtle Obsession
March 10 to March 14
Les Territoires
Belgo Building, 372 rue Ste-Catherine O #527

Curator:Julie Fournier

Madeline Pippa Bartlett (books) 2008, Linen, cotton wool, acrylic felt, hand made paper, printed, knitted, appliquéd, machine and hand embroidery, beading,

Stephanie Lau: The White Tube, 2008, glass seed Beads, thread, industrial eye screw

detail[ click on this image for an even closer view]

Jennifer Lupien (paper cast pudding cups).

You’re Too Close: Body Politics, Spatial Relations, March 10 to march 14
Art Mûr, 5826 St. Hubert - Metro Rosemont

Curator: Sara Lawlor and Robert Vitulano

Alanna Lynch, Ugly White Fetishist, 2008, mix media. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

“Reprisé an coton / Darn!”.March 7 - 21 2009.

Centre des arts et des fibres du Quebec
5455 rue de Gaspe, # 203 (metro Laurier)

The Fibres Student Association (FSA) of Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts, in collaboration with Diagonale gallery are excited to present their annual juried exhibition: “Reprisé an coton / Darn!”.

The jurors for this year’s show are faculty members J. Penney Burton, Niki Mulder and Kelly Thompson.

The 13 selected artists for “Reprisé au coton/ Darn!” are: Alia Ahmad, Shawn Barazuk, Alexis Boyle, Emily Comeau, Chloe Desjardins, Zoe Ducharme, Marisa Hoicka, Katie Jung, Alanna Lynch, Monique Mathieu, Barbara Mendoza Denis, Kendyl Rossi, Tessa Santoni

Alia Ahmad, Toile du jour, recycled fabric, embroidery floss, wood.

Barbara Mendoza Denis, The Blanket, felt blanket, nails with story

Kendyl Rossi, Lungs, needle felted wool, lace, thread


“Reprisé au Coton / Darn!” is an eclectic collection of undergraduate fibre works which range from printed and embellished surfaces to large scale sculpture and video performances. There is an intricate network of connections of themes and motifs that tie the works together in a unique lacework pattern. Many of the artists explore ideas relating to the body and processes of mending. These themes express themselves as both physical reconstruction and reconciliation of memories and ideas.

For example, in Barbara Mendoza Denis’ “The Blanket” we are confronted with the textile as a disquieting memory. Kendyl Rossi explores the body’s process of self-repair in her delicately constructed “Lungs” while Alexis Boyle isolates and abstracts the female form in her screen printed “Torso Pillow Project”. Through the many combinations of overlapping media and explorations, these artists find themselves on interwoven strands.

Diagonale: Centre des arts et des fibres du Quebec
5455 rue de Gaspe, # 203 (metro Laurier)
(514) 524-6645

For more information about Diagonale, please visit the website:
Coming Soon: Art Textiles of the World: Canada

From April 15 to May 22, 2009, the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT) will be presenting Textile Art in Canada, an important exhibition regrouping the art works of the best known artists on the Canadian textile art scene.

After having published several books on the textile art of difference countries such as Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Korea, Scandinavia, Telos Art Publishing, a British publisher specialized in contemporary textile art, is publishing a book entitled Art Textiles of the World: Canada. The book will present the work of twenty Canadian artists who have developed a very personal language through their mastery of one or more of the various techniques in the field of textiles.

The artists who are presented in the book Art Textiles of the World: Canada are: Jennifer Angus, Ingrid Bachmann, Sandra Brownlee, Dorothy Caldwell, Lyn Carter, Kai Chan, Barb Hunt, Barbara Layne, Louise Lemieux Bérubé, Marcel Marois, Mindy Yan Miller, Lesley Richmond, Ruth Scheuing, Joanne Soroka, Joanna Staniszkis, Patrick Traer, Barbara Todd, Laura Vickerson, Yvonne Wakabayashi and Susan Warner Keene

Telos will officially launch the book during the preview viewing of the exhibition at the MCCT on April 15 2009.

To learn more about the book, please visit:

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