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apirl Showers, I mean shows.

Toronto March 25 -April 9 2009

Buenos Aires, Argentina. April1-25, 2009

5 th. International Biennial of Textile Art.
Palais de Glace - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

April 1st to 25th, 2009 Organized by the World Textile Art Organization

WTA is a non-profit organization, founded in 1997, with headquarters in Miami, USA, that has already organized four Biennial Exhibitions in Contemporary Textile Art, both in the United States and in different countries in Latin America with the participation of international artists and juries.

This years Jury is

Beatrijs Sterk (Holanda)has since 1982 published the quarterly German – language magazine “Textilforum” which is published from 1994 also in English. She wrote many articles in her field. In 1990 set up the European Textile Network with annual conferences. ETN is established as an international association with seat in Strasbourg under auspices of the Council of Europe.

Gracia Cutuli (Argentina): She founded the El Sol, Gallery of Textile Art, in 1964, and ran its direction until 1970. She writes books and articles about textile art in Argentine and foreign publications. She is chair professor of Textile Design and research worker at the National University of Buenos Aires.

Lilian Llanes (Cuba): Doctor in Art at the University of La Habana, Cuba.
Founder of Wilfredo Lam Center and director in charge of the Habana Biennial from 1984 to 1999.
Susanne Heindl

The Europenan Textile Network will be hosting The 15th ETN Conference, including the General Assembly Haslach/Upper Austria, from 21st to 24th of July 2009

An exhibition entitled Thinking different: Thinking JacquART, will be on during th conference feature artist from the world; July 23 until September 6, 2009

Organiser: ETN together with the association "Textile Kultur Haslach" and the Department of Textile/Art & Design of the Linz Art University (

There is still time to register for this conference which following the recent gathering of Jacquard weavers at the Inspired Design: Jacquard and Entrepreneurial Textiles, conference should been a great event

Toronto, April 2 - May 2, 2009

Kerry Croghan, "Knit" Wallpaper, and Darryl Ferretti, Barstool

Human Forum: Sheridan Furniture and Textiles April 2 - May 2, 2009
Ontario Crafts Council 990 Queen St. W. Toronto, ON

Opening Reception,
Thursday, April 2, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

The historical relationship between textiles and furniture has always been close, both being primary elements of domestic interiors for centuries. Clothing the body, and the interior, textiles are the original structure; crossed fibres support each other, stronger than the constituent parts and infinitely versatile. In its negative quotation of the human form, furniture evokes the user, just as textiles exhibit the imprint of the designer and the culture that contains them both.

This exhibition of selected works by graduating students from the Sheridan Craft and Design Textiles and Furniture studios demonstrates an enquiring spirit, an exceptional level of craft, and a desire on the part of the students to become part of the historical continuum relating the body to the interior, and the interior to the contemporary world around us

Ontario Crafts Council
Montreal April 15 to May 22, 2009

Textile Art in Canada

April 15 to May 22, 2009,
Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles
5800 St-Denis Studio 501 Montréal, Québec

The MCCT will be presenting
Textile Art in Canada, an important exhibition regrouping the art works of some of the best known artists on the Canadian textile art scene to coincide with the launch of Art Textiles of the World: Canada a new book from Telos Art Publishing, Telos Art Publishing, a British publisher specialized in contemporary textile art, has published a book entitled Art Textiles of the World: Canada edited by Matthew Koumis . This book is the tenth in Telos "Art Textiles of the World" series. The book will be devoted to the work of twenty important Canadian artists who have developed a very personal language through their mastery of one or more of the various techniques in the field of textiles.

Telos will officially launch the book during the preview viewing of the exhibition at the MCCT on April 15 2009.

Art Textiles of the World: Canada ISBN: 9781902015156 180 pages, over 200 colour photos essays by Alan Elder, Sandra Alfoldy, JR Carpenter, Lisa Vinebaum, foreword by the Editor


The artists who are presented in the book Art Textiles of the World: Canada are listed below with links to their websites if they have one, several are on the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Arts Database

Jennifer Angus,

Ingrid Bachmann,

Sandra Brownlee,

Dorothy Caldwell,

Lyn Carter,

Kai Chan,

Barb Hunt,

Barbara Layne,

Louise Lemieux Bérubé,

Marcel Marois,

Mindy Yan Miller,

Lesley Richmond,

Ruth Scheuing,

Joanne Soroka,

Joanna Staniszkis,

Patrick Traer,

Barbara Todd,

Laura Vickerson,

Yvonne Wakabayashi

Susan Warner Keene

left to right Joe Lewis, Marilyn Bernier, Mitsuko Akutsu, Louise Lemieux Bérubé and Ann Levy at Mitsuko Akutsu march 11, 2009 opening at MCCT


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