Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Bidding Begins: Shadow Box Silent Auction at the Textile Museum Of Canada

Dateline Toronto ------wendesday October 15 ----------Shadow Box 2008. Perview night at Textile Museum

group chatting, artist Katerine Walters with hairband
The crowd of artist was thick, as always, the 150, 8" X 8" shadow boxes produced for this event were as varied as the artist. There were the known and the new among them.

Kathryn Walter: Pucker, industrial felt 100% wool

I talked with J.J. Martyn who is standing here with her "Pegs " (top) She told me she was primarely a photographer and of her recent experiments in embrodery. She holds a BFA from Mount Allison University (2003). and has worked in photography, mixed media, painting and quilting since graduation. (Callie Archer's piece "Challenge Yourself" embrodery on cotton is the bottom piece)

J.J. Martyn Pegs Hand and machine embroidery, copper wire, beading on fabric

Tara Bursey, Shrimplace, miniature shrimp, adheisive .

Another new to me artist, Tara Bursey is a recent graduate of the Toronto School of Art's Diploma Program (2006) and Independent Studio Program (2008). She like me is also a Blogger Her practice encompasses sculpture and installation as well as drawing and craft, Her work is characterized by its use of repetition, pattern and delicate sculptural materials such as paper and food.

Carol-Ann Cassleman, "Moss Remembered" Hand embroidered cotton thread, concrete and synthetic material.

Carol- Ann Cassleman (pictured above in conversation) is well grounded in a number of craft fields, both in practice and theory. Thorough out her studies in visual arts which included Danforth Technical School, Central Technical School, Ontario College of Art, George Brown College, Sheridan College, and The Pilchuck School and her employment and volunteer work she has an extensive knowledge of the Canadian Craft world.

Nieves Carrasco CapeShibori-dyed washi

Nieves Carrasco studied art and textile design in Chile, and architecture in Canada. Exhibitions in Toronto include Wrap, Stitch & Burn in 2008 at *new* gallery;( reviewed in fibreQuarterly Volume 4 Issue 3/ summer 2008) Found in Translation in 2006/2007 at The Japan Foundation and Thread Sketches, in 2005 at Art Square Gallery. to see more ofNieves work go to her website

Nieves Carrasco and Valerie Knapp amused by my attempt at being professional, and enjoying the party

Valerie Knapp, Details, Mixed media, assemblage

This event provides the opportunity for fledging collectors to compete with hard boiled ones. As of last night October the 15th the bidding has begun and will continue over then next 2 weeks. It has the possibility of turning into a free for all game show on the last night and closing of the Silent Auction approaches at the beginning of the Cocktail Party on Thursday October 30th .Final bids will be allowed then you find out if you got the piece you went after and Bobs your Uncle or not. Drop by register to bid at the Gift shop and enjoy the competition

----------Shadow Box 2008 at Textile Museum 55 Centre Ave
drop by or view on line

Silent Auction and Cocktail Party Thursday October 30 2008 6:30 pm Tickets on Sale Now:Tickets are $125; ticket holders can choose to receive $25 off the purchase of a Shadow Box. To reserve tickets call: 416-599-5321 x2230 or email A tax receipt for the maximum allowable will be issued to all purchasers.


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