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cross country check in

cross country check in


Jeanne Auclair, artiste et artisane »

21 June until 7 September 2008

opening June 22 2 pm

Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec

615, avenue Sainte-Croix Montreal

(arrondissement Saint-Laurent)

Jeanne Courtemanche Auclair is a multidisciplinary artist born in Montreal, Quebec. She lives and works in the borough of Outremont. Jeanne envisions her artistic journey, since the age of four years, as an immense rainbow covering all the moments of her life. She draws, paints, engraves, and also creates mosaics and tapestry.
to see and read more about Jeanne Auclair visit her website

Art Gallery of Hamilton
123 King St W, Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Currently showing:
From Geisha to Diva: The Kimonos of Ichimaru
On view from May 10 to September 1, 2008
Organized and circulated by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Curated by Barry Till

This internationally successful touring exhibition presents a lavish array of more than twenty kimonos of one of the most famous geisha of 20th-century Japan: Ichimaru (1906–1997). From a life of rural poverty, the adolescent Ichimaru began as a low-rank geisha, and blossomed into one of the most revered and elegant geisha, known to possess the singing voice of a nightingale. Signing as a singer with Victor Recording in 1931, Ichimaru soon left the geisha world, becoming a full-time diva and one of her country’s national treasures. In her lifetime, therefore, the exceptional Ichimaru was a major figure of both the centuries-old Japanese geisha tradition, and the modern, Western phenomenon of popular recording star.

As a singer Ichimaru promoted traditional Japanese music and folk melodies, and continued the geisha tradition of elegant, stylish dress. Alongside Ichimaru’s kimonos, the exhibition includes several related objects, portraits, and publicity photographs of this renowned geisha-cum-diva.

The Geisha, Ichimaru by Kiyoshi Kobayakawa, 1898-1948 woodblock print,
collection of Steven F. Savitt and Mary Lynn Baum

Great New Wave: Contemporary Art from Japan
On view from May 22 to September 7, 2008

Co-presented by the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
Curated by Sara Knelman and Lisa Baldissera

The textile work Sayaka Akiyama who has created large-scale mapping projects is included in this exhibition. You will see an exquisite earlier work of hers in the entrance foyer, from a residency at the Mori Art Centre in the Roppongi neighbourhood of Tokyo . For this show, she did a 5-week residency in Hamilton two related pieces – a diary project consisting of 14 intimate works that incorporate textile techniques and materials with hand made paper (all made on site, using local materials) and a large map project relating her journeys and experiences in Hamilton.

Art Gallery of Hamilton
On the web

You are invited to view Winter, a new online exhibition in gallery2 at Poplar ArtCraft. Winter is one of four installation/performances in the series Clothing/Landscapes in Four States by Quebec artist Carole Baillargeon. This exhibition has just been at Gallerie Diagonale in Montreal

Each installation/performance in the series "...represents a season through the evocation of a fragment of landscape and seasonal activities. The fusion of landscape elements and clothing is carried out through actions realized by performers from various disciplines, i.e., dance, theatre, the circus, and music.

fQ profiled Carole Baillargeon in Volume 3 Issue 3 Quebec Seen

Abigail Doan's Craft as Eco-Agency continues on Poplar ArtCraft until August 1, 2008 in gallery1.


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