Sunday, March 02, 2008

Radiant Dark video tour

this is a part one of an unedited video tour of the Radiant Dark exhibition put on by MADE Design a Canadian Designer/ Maker retail outlet at 867 Dundas Street West in Toronto, which ran from February 22 until March 2 2008 in the Burroughs Building at Queen and Bathurst in Toronto, there is a voice over to this but since i really wasn't sure if I was even making a video its not that informative.

it starts with Beth Howe's "lace piece" " Banal, vinyl shower curtain liners, a sort of invisible homeware are laboriously cut by hand and transformed into a version of Lace. Beth worked loosely with a text that began as the written letters H2O and gradually becomes illegible. each layer creates a random, more organic pattern, which, as selective negative space is removed, becomes more lace-like"

as i move through the space the next "textile" piece is by Katy Chan ( not Kia Chan as I state in the video) " The Felt Wall panels, inspired by Mondrain, may be assembled in any configuration. The large flat panels applied to the wall, provide sound absorption and highlight the hand-made and textural qualities of the felting process."

Katy Chan is a founding member of the Contemporary Textile Studio Co-Operative located at 401 Richmond Street and a former member of Vest Collective.

the next piece this segment of video "focuses" on are Joe and Josephine's Lampe de Poche these are wool felt, Polyester Thread, red acid dye, with a rechargeable LED flash light housed inside. they are approximately 9" x 10" hight and 6" in diameter

Lampe de Poche are an ode to the concept of an early portable, "flash" light. Designer Jessica Johnson is part of the design collective Joe & Josephine.

The last piece is an over sized crochet lampshade by Bev Hisey, this is made from a barley twisted natural dyed wool roving imported from Indian. This "doily " is draped over a metal frame it is reminiscence of those dreadful macramé lampshades of the nineteen sixties and early seventies yet has a sublet soft velvety elegance that gives it a deco modern feel.

there is more video but I think I will try to edit it and add sound this is new technology to me, but I think it will add a new scope to this blog.

MADE Design

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