Thursday, October 25, 2007

news from Vancouver

Nicole Dextras writes to us about the removal of her installation project

My project: Belonging: sous le pont came to an abrupt end on Tuesday October 23 when city crews took everything away and hauled it to the dump. I was in shock because of all the things that need clearing up after an 82 day strike, I would think that a sofa planted with flowers would be the least of their priorities! On the other hand I guess I was lucky that the strike lasted so long and I was able to keep the project up, undisturbed for so long. Over all it has been a very interesting journey for me as an artist because this site allowed me the time and space to fully explore the creative process. It was one of constant discovery, from learning to harvest and weave the thorny blackberry, to meeting the crew of Boca Del Lupo. The months were full of surprises like the appearance of 100 port-a-potties, the notes that people left me and the two young boys who wanted me to help them build a fort. There were also intense moments like the murder of the young woman at the near by apartment building, the random destruction of some of my work and the police one day, asking me what I was doing on a ladder hanging a rope. Most of all, I was touched by the many people from all walks of life that I met. I felt it was a privilege to hear their stories.

On the upshot, the word CLAIM is still growing and it will hopefully remain undisturbed until the spring, where it will have time to take root. Feel free to drop by anytime and adorn the not-so-scary scarecrow.

You are welcome to see the many photos I took of the project on my flickr site:


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