Friday, February 23, 2007

White Night / IDS07 opening

Baccarat Darkside Chandelier by Philippe Starck

It was a room full of performers dressed in white with white make up, it was a night of lines for food and drink, it was a night to....

Friday febuary 24, 7:50 am, the real trick to bloging the Interior Design Show 07 was to beat House&Home’s Mark Challen to the punch. I did give over a comfortable seat with table in the media lounge so he, his laptop and team could get to work around 7:30 last night so I have know qualms what so ever in providing a link to his site, simply because a picture is as the say worth a thousand words. House&Home Media is the place to be if you can’t get to exhibition Place. T o view images from last year’s show click here and you will get the drift of what this show is really about, I’m about textiles, let’s just say upholstered furniture was lacking as well as accessories with a few acceptations. Ultimately this “Trade Show” that has been going on for 9 years is about bones, not much but the kitchen sink many couches, the best as far as I am concerned and always great from Montauk .

scroll sofa by MONTAUK

I may not be being fair, but the reality is I am not a design groupie, but rather a fan. There were some very nice lamps to see, one in particular from the mind of designer Ayala Serfaty tickled my fantasy. “Morning Glory” designed in 1994 is a floor lamp that resembles a Fortuny pleated Delphos (1910-1930) standing tall and glowing in the corner. This lamp in the Toronto based INDUSTRIALSTØRM both. Another Toronto shop and now back to couches and upholstery and I am sorry I can’t remember the name of the both/ retailer but they do have a shop in Toronto on King Street west and I will post it later. Now imagine if you can an approximation of a queen size mattress, now divide it into six equal squares upholster half length wise in a dim slivery gold damask ( an actual woven damask not a print of some design that too many designers are calling damask which in reality is a effect caused by weave structure not a image/surface design that is printed, though in reality it does read as an image- just one of my pet peeves) Now on the other side which is physically divided into three adjustable sections and upholster each section with a different textile and you have my favourite couch/ lounge at the show, Image and designer information to come…

Now for the real reason I went, Armstrong Fox Textiles, and

"comfort" orginal textiles by Bure- Lion Textile Designs located in the Studio North section of the Exhibition Hall,

and the Audi sponsored “NEVER FOLLOW™ Cross Canada Student Exhibition” which includes student work from Architecture, Interior and industrial Design programs from these schools:

George Brown College

Humber College

Ontario Collage of Art and Design Industrial Design


Sheridan. Craft Interior Design

University of Alberta: Student Design Association

I must run off now to here some lectures, more later…

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