Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby its Cold Outside

Did you know that almost a third of Canada's homeless population is 16-24 year-olds?

That's about 65,000 young people without a place to call home.

It's a serious situation - one that needs to be addressed.

Today in Toronto it is cold; you can buy a toque at a number subway station from “Raising the Roof” and participate in a possible solution. Not in Toronto go to there website and see what this small utilitarian textile can do. While you’re at it if you want to know how textile objects can help you help go to this site http://www.communityknitters.com/ and become involved. You will be impressed by the number and variety of ways grassroots knitting and quilting groups are trying to help.

If you don’t do either of these things think about a the way you shop and spend some of your money where it will get to organizations and people that are at least trying to do something. Is that too blunt, well I’m housed, clothed, warm and fed, how about you?

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