Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cuts to Museums and Gallery funding by Harper gov't

CMA Board Affirms Strategy
on Museum Cuts

Ottawa, October 16, 2006
An emergency meeting of CMA’s Board of Directors was held in Ottawa on October 12-13 to discuss the recent cuts to museums and to reaffirm the Association’s strategy to push immediately for a new museums policy, to be adopted by the new government in 2007. The meeting included a session with representatives from across Canada to brainstorm on the policy to adapt it to the new realities facing Canada.

CMA categorically rejects the negative connotation created by the government that spending on museums is “a waste and inefficient.” This is simply not true — and it is creating serious implications for museums in their fundraising abilities.

CMA will meet the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Bev Oda shortly, and will appear before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. The Committee is also calling upon other organizations to address the impact of recent cuts and the need for new investment in museums, including the Alberta Museums Association, the Société des musées québecois, the Heritage Canada Foundation and various railway heritage museums.

Minister Bev Oda has stated “museums have been neglected for far too long.” She has affirmed the government’s intention to bring in a new museums policy. CMA expects this will be delivered sooner rather than later.

Finally, we understand various petitions are now circulating for the signatures of Canadians [www.petitiononline.com/MapCuts/petition.html]. CMA strongly encourages everyone, volunteers, board members, trustees, museum professionals, and the public to support museums in this time of need.

For more information:
Monique Horth
Director of Public and Professional Affairs
613-567-0099 l225

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