Saturday, September 16, 2006

Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op

Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op Information Meeting - An Invitation

You are invited to attend our second Information Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 7:30 pm. 401 Richmond St. W (at Spadina), Studio 111 (first floor right next door to our new space at 401!). See below for more details about the studio and our membership drive - an associate application form is also attached. Please come and learn more about our vision!

For further information on becoming involved, please contact:

Rachel MacHenry: 416-539-9157
Cathy Lang: 416-588-7129

Contemporary Textile Studio Co-op

The Contemporary Textile Studio co-operative addresses an ongoing problem for textile artists and craftspersons in Toronto - access to affordable and properly equipped studio space from which we can work, teach, interact and innovate with other designers and artists, and the community.

The development of our co-operative enables full members to access equipped studio space, offer support and mentoring to each other, explore joint projects, teach and participate in workshops, take part in exhibitions and community or school partnership programs.

A fundamental aspect of our vision is a commitment to the evolution and ongoing exploration of clean, safe environmental and fair trade practice in relation to textiles. Current co-operative members envision partnering with environmental, fair trade, and social enterprises to develop new textiles, source supplies, and showcase innovative practices in the textile field.

The studio will be offered for rent to other textile artists (studio associates, see attached form) on a temporary basis, booked for educational sessions, or expanded to accommodate additional members as those possibilities arise. In the long term, we dream of expanding our space to include a gallery or retail space, and to establish ourselves as a centre for innovation and activity in the textiles field. We are moving into prime space at 401 Richmond St., situated in Toronto's cultural hub and surrounded by other artist-run centres.

Short Term Goals
… Expansion of founding members to 10 - September 2006
… Establish an equipped textile studio space (401 Richmond, Studio 109) - October 2006
… Minimize environmental impacts of studio as much as possible
… Establish Rentals - October/November 2006
… Launch Teaching - Fall 2006
… Launch Website
… Inaugural Event - December 2006

Long Term Goals
… Become formally recognized and funded as an artist run center for textiles
… Increase specialized equipment
… Create a "green" waste disposal system for water and air cleaning
… Continue exploration and education in reducing toxic impact of dye and print materials and waste
… Broaden scope of teaching to include national and international artists and community projects
… Increase joint and group ventures (joint ordering of supplies, exhibitions, joint projects and product lines, promotional launches.)
… Partner with other cultural, social and educational enterprises and institutions
… Establish a gallery or retail space
… Introduce a variety of possible services

Seeking Members
We are currently looking for additional full members who would like to be part of this dynamic and vital new addition to Toronto's cultural scene.

We are seeking individuals who:
… Are interested in working within a co-operative studio setting
… Will be actively involved in, and contribute to, our community
… Seek access to affordable studio space and specialized equipment
… Are interested in sharing their knowledge and skills through teaching
… Want to explore joint ventures (ordering, exhibitions, etc.)
… Embrace an environmental approach to studio production
… Are ready to commit a one-time membership fee of $50.00 and a monthly fee for rental and access to equipment (approx. $250 per month)
… Will contribute to co-op activities such as promotion, fund-raising, business development and maintenance

Models for artist run, co-operative centers in a variety of media will inform the work and development of the co-operative:
… Open Studio, Toronto
… The Wood Studio, Toronto
… LIFT, Toronto
… The London Printworks Trust, UK (
… Designer Courses UK (

Information Meeting
You are invited to attend our Information Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 7:30 pm. 401 Richmond St, W (at Spadina), Studio 111 (first floor). Please come and learn more about our vision.

For further information on becoming involved, please contact:
Rachel MacHenry: 416-539-9157
Cathy Lang: 416-588-7129

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