Sunday, June 11, 2006

a walk on the beach

June 10 and 11 is the annual Beaches Craft Sale in Toronto's east end beach community. Known as an environmental and health conscious, laid back PC part of town where there is a Starbucks for every 1000th dog owner with stroller parking and breast feeding stations in every 10th store front for approximately 18 city blocks (you are never more then three minutes away from your mocha soy frapachino or chi apple cinnamon dairy free cheese cake loaf) A resented but economically needed “tourist” (non beach dwellers) area the summer weekends are always crowded. Throw a craft show into the mix and… you are in the parade of beach life.

dateline Toronto; weird and wonderful slightly ugly but cuddly creatures spotted in the Beaches

Fertility Doll #1
Fleece, Cotton Height 7 inche

Last seen in the Fabricawakuwaku both at the Beaches Craft Show

Patch Bear in Blue and Burgundy #1 Velour, Cotton Height 10 inches

Next to be seen in Ottawa

June 14-July 2 Group Exhibition called “Foundling” at Cube Gallery. 7 Hamilton Avenue North, Ottawa

June 29-July 2 ‘Montreal International Arts Festival’

Fabricawakuwaku (translated 'excitement factory') is a creative collaboration between Ottawa (Canada) artists Adrienne Gibb and Pamela Lawler.

They say of themselves "Into a world of mass production, uniformity and sweatshop labour come our designer, avant-guard, limited edition "art" stuffed animals! Using reclaimed materials, we create good consumer karma out of velour, denim, fleece, fun fur and glittery stuff. We are anti-cute aesthetic mixed with punk DIY ethics. Each plush artwork is uniquely handmade and part of a limited edition series."

Fabricawakuwaku will be the subject of an up and coming story in fibreQuarterly

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