Monday, June 12, 2006

a Salt Bag

Salt bag

The Bakhtiari of southern Iran
Mid 20th century
Wool and cotton, knotted pile and supplementary weft patterning on plain woven ground
42 cm x 57 cm

Salt used for cooking is kept in salt bags. Despite the ethnic diversity of the nomads who made them, salt bags throughout Asia are very much alike. A salt bag is shaped like a geometrical bottle, with a larger body and a narrower mouth. A plaited cord for hanging is often attached to both top corners. Salt bags usually have the same design on both sides and are often decorated with tassels. All known weaving techniques are used to produce these bags, including plain weave, interlocking and slit tapestry, supplementary weft and weft float. Pile salt bags are quite rare.

the above image and information was copied from the Textile Museum of Canada's website and is used here with premission.

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