Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It is nearing the end of May, the sun is shinning and I have bitten the bullet and have started a blog. It is about using a "service" i.e. a blog to be adjunct to an all ready existing E-zine fibreQuarterly. It will be a new way of presenting my “aroundtown…” Column which has been, preview material which has been sent a bout local events and reviews of them, if in fact I have managed to get to the shows. It is about artist I have run into in alternative places like the window of the Knit Café on Queen Street West or on the web. Try out the CBC’s Artspots online at

Since this is my first posting I will keep it short and just say I was lucky enough to have gotten to the Paul Petro Gallery and see Janet Morton’s latest exhibition which I will try to cover in my next posting, in the meantime, what’s happening in your town

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