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Matt Gould Artist Profile/ Sampler

 This is  "Upstairs"  Matt Gould it is tooled leather on felt, and was shown in National Craft Exhibition: Can Craft? Craft Can! Burlington Art Gallery the first Canadian Craft Biennial from Aug 19, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017, it was appropriate that it was. 

In 2010 while exploring Edmonton on not so chilly November afternoon I walked into the Alberta Craft Council gallery and saw "words, wit, wisdom, and wool"
an exhibition inspired by words and expressed in three-dimensional fibre work by Red Deer fibre artist Matt Gould November 6 – December 24, 2010, and instantly fell in love. Having been observing the fiber arts world in a professional way since 2002, nationally and internationally, I knew I was seeing something distinctive, something I had not seen before. There was one that I thought I could afford but had to think about it. I went out to have a coffee and was back in less than an hour but there was a Red Dot. "Those who hesitate..."  Eight years later I didn't hesitate'
detail of Matt Gould Untitled, 6" X 14"  tooled leather Linen/ Industrial wool felt 
Multi-faceted award-winning artist Matt Gould was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Over the past thirty-some years, he has found expression through painting, drawing, singing, acting, writing, stage directing, design and fibre art." this from his Red Deer College faculty page where he has been teaching in the Theatre Creation and Performance program as a part-time instructor since  January of 2014. I have seen his work in solo and group shows in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Burlington. 
"Nature Boy" seen at DaDe Art & Design Lad, 1327 NINTH AVENUE SOUTH EAST, Calgary, Alberta FABRICated Show juried fibre art show from April 20 - June 3, 2012
Fetish dolls by Matt Gould in front of a felt rug by Deborah Dumka inFABRICated Show 

Matt Gould had a solo show at Toronto' s Canadian Lesbian Gay Archive each piece was inspired by a particular piece of text. while visually simple it is rich in meaning.
Matt Gould "Wild Thing" detail , Linen and Industrial wool felt and wool felt with free motion machine work, hand embroidery and couching text source: questionnaire given to the model
Matt Gould, "Be Prepared" Linen Industrial wool felt with Hand embroidery and couching Text Source Boys Like Us- Gay Writers Tell Their Coming Out Stories edited by Patrick Merla.
Matt Gould "Coaches Favourite" detail; Linen and Industrial wool felt with free motion machine work, hand embroidery, and commercial applique sew on Matt Gould text Source; Out There (short story by Thomas Glave) 
Matt Gould with his piece "Troubled Times for Hoppy" at the opening of "Eye of the Needle" at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary

Tooled leather "fly" and a bit of bear by Matt Gould
Alberta Craft Council
Matt Gould Untitled, 6" X 14"  tooled leather Linen/ Industrial wool felt This work is in my collection,

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