Thursday, April 05, 2012

the ripple effect of blogging about textiles in Montreal

Fibrequarterly is such a noteworthy and reputable blog! Such a shame that it allows such sub par journalism. Grammatical errors, incomplete thoughts, poor and irrelevant arguments galore... comment from Anonymous

["Monika Manly" employee of  "Colour your World Cosmetics] Joe Lewis in costume as one of his four “Where You Goin’, The Mall?” characters. However, only the changes in attire distinguished their personalities. [Photo by Robert Taylor]

Musings left crowd baffled...Although billed as a multi-media performance, Where You Goin The Mall? does not entertain or provoke — or provide even remotely interesting viewing on any level ...."

 the Edmonton Sun Thursday August 20. 1987By NEAL WATSON Staff Writer

"You won’t enjoy Where You Goin’, the Mall? But it’s awfully interesting, and interestingly awful, in its wilful refusal to entertain."
The Edmonton Journal Friday August 21, 1987 by James Adams

Performance Artist on tour promo photograph by Phillip Hannah 1987

Given how non-provoking and interestingly awful my 1987 one man show "Where You Going, The Mall" was and given the shows touring the Fringe circuit that year it was kind of nice that these to newspaper critics took the time and thought into trashing me, and they singed their names. The old saying "its not what they said its that it was in print that counts" some how blogging is not that real you can spent years sitting at your computer reading and never see what your reading about. Go out and look at things if you disagree with what you are reading and see it for your self. But if you are not in the same city isn't it nice that some did go and see it and blogged about it so you have something to discuss.

April 6 2012

Dear Diary

Mia Cuppa I mean Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea culpa been there did that

 Apparently while running around trying to look at, understand and spread the word about textiles and makers with out much thought to Grammer, having thoughe ricorciteiating around in my head while getting things posted on the same day as i see em think em and misspellem simply because it is the work and the makers this is a bout not my thoughts which have as much value as anyone else's and are as irrelevant as blogging.

Interesting though that so do think fibreQuarterly is such a note worthy and reputable Blog. and not journalism or critic its barely even the gossip i insist in calling it.

Now depending on your age, you might  you know who Lillian Hellman and Tallulah Bankhead if you do and know the story please appreciate my delight in receiving backhanded.. (oh look and completed thought). If you have know idea of what or of whom i am speaking do a little on-line research - since you are on line - and find the punchline to this non-event.

"In The City" editorial comic published City Magazine Volumes 9-10 1987 

I try to gather listing for events before they happen local, provincial national or international. I look to the art world, galleries and Museums, I look to the design world, interior,industrial and fashion. I spew what i see into facebook albums and back in to this blog as quickly and yes often more sloppy then i t should be. I do this because somebody needs to. It provides connection to the larger world of textiles it lets discussions begin.

"Nothing comes cheap, though the educated eye will always spot very nice things for the least money" - Albert Hadley (1921-2012) I just got sent his quote from Caviar20some how it seems fitting.

Thre guys hangin around in a back yard talking about the cool Hand Printed T shirt they bought at PERFIDE, 4245 Norte-Dame quest, Montreal.  

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